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What are Ghosts?

ghostly_path_premade_1_by_i_am_jenius-d4ddh0pWhat are ghosts? No other question in the paranormal field has sparked as much speculation and controversy as the question, what are ghosts. You could ask 10 different people that question and get just as many different answers. In this article we’ll discuss, ponder, and speculate the age old question; what are ghosts?

Many believe that ghosts are the lost souls of those who have come before us. They believe that when a person dies their consciousness is left to wander the world til the end of time. While I try to keep an open mind in all things, the point that bothers me the most about this line of thinking is the fact that their have been billions of people who have lived and died in this world. If the human spirit carries on and wanders the earth after death then why do we not see more evidence of the paranormal in our everyday lives all around us. By using this line of thought, ghosts would seem to be involved in an overly crowded afterlife with much more evidence to their existence then we have at this current juncture in time.

Others would speculate that ghosts, are in effect, inter-dimensional beings who have harnessed the ability to travel across and within the very planes of reality. While, I myself tend to lean toward this belief system more so then the aforementioned ideology. I still hold my own doubts with this line of thinking. If the idea that ghosts really do stem from the actions of inter-dimensional beings is right then why have they not tried to make contact with us. Do they lack the ability? Surely not. Have they already interacted with us and continue to do so in a subtle manner? No one that I know of can really answer that in an educated manner backed up by solid evidence. So, while an interesting and completely plausible theory, there is no evidence at this moment to support this ideology.

Some believe that spiritual activity is nothing more than environmentally harnessed energy playing itself out on repeat til the source of that energy runs out. A common term associated with this ideology is the term, residual haunting; where the same paranormal activity is experienced over and over; usually occurring at the same time of day or year. The problem with this idea is that it does not account for the intelligence we often experience when dealing with the paranormal. Too often to discredit, investigators will ask a question and get an intelligent response. How could that be evidence of a residual type haunting? Could it be a coincidence? Possibly, but, I personally believe it happens far too often to be completely attributed to sheer happenstance. So while this may exist and account for some claims of paranormal activity, I find it hard to believe that this is the only cause for the paranormal things that go bump in the night.

While there are many other schools of thought when regarding the idea of ghosts, I am currently running out of time and will touch on more ideologies at a later time. I, as always, approach the paranormal field with the mind of a skeptic. I look for solid evidence, and do not believe feelings or sensations to be valid proof of the unknown. If you have any thoughts or ideas on the afterlife or the paranormal I am always open to new discussions and ideas. Until the next time,

– Maxwell Alexander    (Founder/SCSI)




ghost stories

Just about everyone I know has a ghost story or they know someone who does. What is the most terrifying experience you have ever had with ghost? Have you encountered demons? Have you ever saw or spoke to some sort of entity? Please share your stories and thoughts below. I don’t only wish to hear stories from the Carolinas, rather stories about ghost of the world. I would love for this site to become more interactive.
Aaron sprouse

Revisiting Booger Jim Bridge Pt. 1

Nothing there huh? Her words resonated through my mind over and over again as i walked away from the local resident of Cherokee falls community of Blacksburg, S.C. The legend, the mystery, the dying cumminity deserved another visit. I had to give it to them. To all of you, our fans, you deserved another look at the legendary tale of “Booger Jim.”

On December 6th 2014 I walked across the bridge frustrated by the sounds and movements in the busy woods of cherokee falls. The air was bitterly cold and I was limited to the amount of equipment i had with me. I recorded for 45 minutes and snapped several pictures. There was nothing unusual about the photographs but something very strange did occur. My entire 45 minute recording was nothing but white noise. I immediately tested my recorder and everything worked fine. Paranormal? Probably not!
Extremely weird? Absolutely.

The entire SCSI will conduct a second full length investigation here. Stay tuned for the story.

Case status: Reopened
-Aaron Sprouse

Do ghost exist?

People are good, and evil simply doesn’t exist. Humans are truly good at heart and the only thing outside of our physical understanding is the endless skies and mysteries thereof. There is no such thing as ghost.
Or is there?

Everything is black and white, and there is no grey area. There is no good, other than good intentions. There is no evil, other than bad decisions. There is no god and there is no devil, no heaven and no hell. There are no angels and demons or ghosts and goblins. None of it exists outside of our own perception. There are no monsters other than the monsters we create inside of our minds. There is no hell other than the one we build around ourselves. There is nothing to be learned except invaluable lessons where the subjects are destined to repeat the same mistakes time and time again. No truths, only subtle undertones. No openness, only emotional masquerades where one hides what is really felt. There are no true heroes, only those who dream of courageous acts and those who have no choice but to act. Both of which are characters in this hopeless tragedy, drowning in a pool of romanticized emptiness.

We spend life thinking how they tell us to, writing our stories according to their standards and believing what they say we must believe in order to obtain salvation. Are they the monsters? Are the ghosts we see anything more than our bottled thoughts and lost desires? Simply misplaced energies searching for an outlet? Searching for a way to be seen, to be heard or to correct those wrong decisions? Are they the demons and the things that goes bump in the night are nothing more than ones broken mind and soul? Have they been misleading us our entire lives, or have we been lying to ourselves? Are we the monsters?

Humanity as a species will take an innocent mans life. We take what isn‘t ours, we rape and we brutalize those weaker than we are then we lie to cover it up. We cross our families for money, we break the hearts of those who love us the most and none of it is justified. We often feel no remorse nor regret for our actions and too many times fail to notice the pain we cause other people. So much pain inflicted upon other souls… That when you truly think about the feelings and energies emitted from such pain you begin to question everything including your very own existence. Upon examination you see that we leave a trail of emptiness, hopelessness and desperation without even batting an eye. You begin to see the sheer destruction caused by the lusts of man, leaving little room for hope inside your heart. We are indeed monsters.

I can attest with the utmost honesty to having seen and heard things which can not be explained. I, Aaron Corey Sprouse bear witness to things unseen and things unknown. I have stood in the scariest places in the southeast and challenged any entity that could respond. I have stood in homes where the most outlandish things were reported to have taken place and I never ran. I spent my time and money on researching these events. Every lead leads to another question and every question leads to another lead. Was I ever doing anything more than challenging myself? When examining the fallacy of man, these are the kinds of questions we musk ask ourselves. No matter what your opinion on the subject is, the same questions beg to be answered. I urge you to share with me your ghost story. Whether it be a thrilling tale of a dark entity that plagues the halls of your home or shattered hopes forever trapped somewhere due to the anguish you felt or caused.

Are ghosts real? Are they anything more than myth or is there any substance at all to the claims? I want to know what you think. Have you seen a ghost? Have you encountered unexplainable phenomena or have you created ghosts? Were you left nothing more than a ghost, a shell of your former self, by someone’s selfishness? Ask yourself was it worth it, the decisions you made? Was the hurt you inflicted upon someone else’s soul worth whatever momentary pleasure you received? Think these things through very carefully and please share with me your ghost story.

All the love in the world,
Aaron Corey Sprouse

HARD TIMES WILL ALWAYS MEASURE GREATNESS (South Carolina Supernatural Investigations)


    In many ways we feel like we let you guys down, we just vanished and did not post any new stories for months. We have a responsibility to you all in the paranormal world and nothing will stop us from consistently delivering our fans the top notch investigatory work that they are used to.

     The SCSI as a group has faced many recent hardships. I quit my job, thinking i would find another one fast; I was wrong. I suddenly found myself overwhelmed with payments that i couldn’t manage. I took a job with Mayflower, a relocation company, (which meant i was going to be gone 90% of the time). I spent most of the time in Richmond, Virginia. I enjoyed it, but i missed home. I missed the SCSI. When I was able to come Home, it was for maybe one to two days, every 2-3 weeks. It just wasn’t enough time. In my stead, Maxwell Alexander continued to showcase spectacular skill, instinct and know-how. Though we are a team; at this point in time we were technically solo. During that time period, Maxwell Alexander was arguably the best solo paranormal investigator in South Carolina.

I investigated everything I could. If I thought that it may be paranormal, i was at  least gonna try and record some audio. Even things I would never guess were haunted, got investigated. I wanted to stay sharp, extremely sharp, so I did. I continued to perfect my craft, always aiming to push this field to the next level. I do not approach paranormal investigation that way because i want us to be better than the next guys. I am serious about what I do, because I love this field. l love this science. This Job gives you an amazing connection with what’s in nature, the physical and the Spiritual world. The every day energies that are around you, it is an incredible feeling. Being the driven person that i am, I kept testing myself (hard) throughout the duration of my absence.  I tested myself everyday. I re-analyzed every aspect of investigation. I would constantly train myself. I studied material that i know, SO I COULD CONTINUE TO PUSH THIS FIELD. I taught myself all over again how to operate equipment, and how to manipulate entities. I studied different types of spirits and why they are here. I studied theological significances. Demonology (my first love), multicultural mythologies; and countless provocation techniques. Expulsion, invocation, and other group’s techniques. I even went over everything that I have learned over the years by observation, knowing that some day I would be right back in the battle!

  What obstacle could possibly stop Maxwell Alexander and Aaron Sprouse? At our ages, we are highly regarded as the most thorough, realistic; and most practical paranormal investigators in the state of South Carolina. Though i was out of town, I knew Maxwell would continue to progress. I knew he would continue to collect mind boggling data. He would continue to teach rookie investigators how to properly engage an entity. I knew he would also hold steadfast in **SEEKING THE TRUTH** Max would find answers, not make ghostly assumptions. I knew Maxwell Alexander would use science. Knowledge and logic will always prevail when Maxwell is on an investigation.

So without me, the others continued to conduct investigations here in South Carolina on the home-front. I wasn’t worried, they were all capable. Like usual though; problems soon arose. Former case manager and field Investigator “Sarah Freyta” Had to take time off, for maternity leave. People wouldn’t answer phone calls or put any effort into case planning, preparation, execution or analysis. Several members were not taking their duties seriously. They treated the SCSI as if it were a joke. We were getting used, friendships were being ruined and there was nothing I could do about it in Virginia.

Prior to me leaving for Richmond, Maxwell underwent several setbacks as well. His then roommate(s) failed to pay their portion of the rent. Max had left his second shift job at a warehouse before  to primarily focus on investigation.Things were still going great for him but he had to move due to another lessee not paying his due portions. Maxwell simply did not have the extra funds to cover it.

     Hard times seemed hit max and I at the same time. I was living on the road. Sleeping many nights in a tractor trailer, just barely getting by, While Max was forced to move out of his home (our headquarters). Max landed a third shift job, in order to survive. The money is good, and Max really loves his job. His personal life is flowing much smoother and his investigatory skills have increased dramatically. In my opinion; Maxwell Alexander, is one of the best paranormal Investigators in the southeastern united states. We refuse to give up and i think that is something that makes our group special. When facing situations that would make several other investigation societies crumble, we came out stronger.  We came out of this better. I moved home to South Carolina and decided it was time for serious changes within the group. If we wanted the SCSI to function and operate at an extremely high level, we had to let people go.

We started seriously enforcing the book of investigatory protocol.https://scsupernatural.wordpress.com/2014/11/16/what-sets-the-scsi-apart-our-investigatory-protocol-professional-tips/

and have since found several new prospects that are willing to take the job serious and give their all to this field. We have never asked anyone to perform a task that we would not perform. We never lied to, cheated, manipulated or took advantage of anyone on the team. We are no longer being taken advantage of, and are essentially carrying the entire load ourselves. We pretty much always have. Maxwell may not be able to investigate a haunting every night anymore, but his guidance and expertise is always there. His words resonate with the younger guys, and they know that what they learn from max and I, it will be Grade “A” paranormal knowledge, UN-matched, unequaled and unrivaled. We are back, and Better than ever.

Be safe. Always take precaution when presumably dealing with a spirit. -Aaron Sprouse   (aaronscsi@gmail.com)

Edited by: Maxwell Alexander


         South Carolina supernatural investigators (scsi) investigatory protocol

Founders and lead investigators: Maxwell Alexander, Aaron Sprouse

Standard protocol for the SCSI, a professional supernatural investigation society.
Qualities of a Professional investigator:
*Investigators should display strong sense of being and understanding of the supernatural.
* Investigators must be open minded, yet reasonable.
* Investigators must be willing to work with others to achieve a goal.
*Investigators should be brave and pious.
* Investigators must be able to put feelings and personal experience aside, focusing on evidence.
SCSI investigation regulations
* We will stick to our given roles, understanding that everyone’s talents and spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof) make this unit work.
* We will enter a location open minded, holding firm to the possibility of the paranormal, vying for confirmable data, while seeking scientific explanation.
* During a recording session all sounds made by the team that could be interpreted as paranormal should be verbally noted.
* While recording is in progress, only one investigator at a time should ask questions.
* All investigators should allow adequate time between questions, at least 10-30 seconds.
* If one investigator is asking a series of questions and another team member has the urge to add, or to ask a different question he should signal with his hand that he is about to speak, Eliminating the possibility of overlapping voices being misinterpreted.
* If the investigators experience a seemingly unexplainable event, they should seek a scientific explanation.
* Investigating should be fun, yet during a recording session playing should be limited.
* Investigators should have proper lighting equipment
* The investigation team should pray, before and after a spiritual investigation (regardless of religious beliefs)
* Investigators should carry identification so it can be presented in the event of being required to do so by the authorities.
* The SCSI should carry a basic first aid kit at every investigation.
* In the event of a non-team member entering the investigation location we will be honest then resume collecting data, unless we are intruding on private property and are asked to leave.
* We will be brave, if an entity manifest itself before us, or something directly paranormal happens we will not run and act scared. We will stand firm and continue to collect data.
* Lead investigators have authority over the investigation, and which investigatory methods will be applied. (Unless a case is deemed demonic)
* If we have a spiritualist, psychic, shaman, medium or priest working with us as a consultant then we will respect their expertise and professional instinct.
* When certified and experienced consultants sense danger we will abide, Even if it contradicts logic and rational thinking.
* In the event that a purely evil or demonic entity is felt by a priest, minister, or demonologist the investigation should cease and demonic expulsion should be engaged.
* In the event that a spirit is concluded demonic, no one should ask it questions or engage with it in any way except the priest, minister, or demonologist.

These basic guidelines are set to maintain a professional, effective and efficient investigation. They are in no way meant to extract the fun and personal enjoyment from investigation.
It is important to maintain protocol in order to ensure untainted data, regulate a safe and professional crew that garners results.
But never forget,The most important rule is to have fun.

Poinsett Bridge

Poinsett Bridge 104_1978th Via: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poinsett_Bridge “Poinsett Bridge, named for Joel Roberts Poinsett, was built in 1820 as part of a road from Columbia, South Carolina to Saluda Mountain and is one of the oldest extant bridges in South Carolina. The bridge includes a 14-foot Gothic arch and stretches 130 feet over Little Gap Creek. It may have been designed by Robert Mills, architect of the Washington Monument. Though no longer in use, the stone bridge remains largely intact. The bridge is part of the 120-acre (48.6 ha) Poinsett Bridge Heritage Preserve. A picnic area and walking trail are planned. The bridge is off U.S. Highway 25 north of Greenville, South Carolina. After passing South Carolina Highway 11, turn right onto Old US 25. Then turn right onto Callahan Mountain Road near North Saluda Reservoir. Poinsett Bridge is on the left side of Callahan Mountain Road. The bridge was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970.” 104_2072 (Maxwell inside of the Gothic Arch) Via: http://theshadowlands.net/places/southcarolina.htm “Rumor has it that a slave was once hung under the bridge and his ghost still haunts it. Several of the locals say that they have been unable to start their cars when they got ready to leave. Several locals also report that they hear a loud scream when the light gets to them.” Wow, what a beautiful piece of History. What an Investigation! Not only is this place an amazing relic of South Carolina History, It is Known as a dark and mysterious breeding ground for evil. Maxwell and I (Aaron Sprouse) headed to the Fabled DARK CORNER. The Air was clean, crisp and cold. The darkness that plagued the surrounding forest was breathtaking. It was almost as if I couldn’t breathe as we walked across the bridge. The both of us immediately felt as though we were being watched. Chills ran through my body at every whisk. Every word spoken, every provocation of a spirit increased the feeling of overwhelming fear. Maxwell (the biggest investigatory skeptic I know) heard a whisper in his ear, that slightly burned, and the heat flowed down his neck. We had a baseline EMF reading of around 72.00 before, but as Maxwell encountered the whisper it immediately spiked to 145.6 and stayed at that level for approximately 45 seconds. While atop the historic bridge we decided to have a sitting recording session. We asked several questions and both heard faint whispers. I had an overwhelming urge to snap pictures to my left (the sounds of running startled me.) The hairs on my neck were standing erect as I snapped several photos, all of which were blank, though Flash was on. The camera had a full battery and repeatedly shut off. The voice recorder would shut off as well, and a working EMF meter went all the way down to zero as if some entity had drained the power out of our devices. We made our way down the embankment to the beautiful Gothic arch under the bridge. There we attempted to hold a recording session, but the raging water of little gap creek made all of our recorded data useless. While down there Maxwell and I both heard what sounded to be a carriage traveling across the bridge. Though it was awesome (SCARY AS HELL) we had no evidence of his. Then we heard it again, we rushed to the top of the bridge in hopes that we could snap a picture of the ghostly carriage, another blank photograph. As a paranormal group that usually disproves hauntings and debunks urban legends, we were convinced. Eager to go over our photographic and audio data our excitement was through the roof. What did we find? Pictures of a beautiful place, and oddly blanked out pictures. Only empty responses on our voice recorder….. NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE OF THE PARANORMAL, WHATSOEVER. Due to the unbelievable experiences we had there, yet the lack of evidence; we cannot rule either way. Nor can we close the case. CASE STATUS: OPEN CASE CONCLUSION: UNDECIDED 104_2079 I RECOMMEND YOU GO CHECK THIS PLACE OUT; IT IS A BEAUTIFUL PART OF South Carolina History. 104_1970 (we’re here to get your ghost ) – Aaron Sprouse