Herdklotz park investigation, Greenville SC


“This beautiful park that offers panoramic views of the downtown Greenville skyline and nearby Paris Mt. has a rich history. The site was once the home to the Hopewell Sanitarium, a nationally recognized hospital for patients with tuberculosis. Remains from the root cellar were saved during park construction and historic signage offers visitors interesting insight into an era that spanned the early 1900′s. The hospital eventually burned down and the County decided to construct a park on the site.” From Greenvillerec

     We entered Herdklotz park after dark, hoping to capture great evidence of paranormal activity! The location of the old TB hospital, One of the most famous haunted places in the upstate. The eerie, dark, disturbing history echoes in the irony of the park’s location. Several Investigations have taken place here and the SCSI wanted to take a stab at it, after dark. Simply armed with a digital recorder and an EMF detector the SCSI set out to investigate, and investigate we did.

     Of all the spiritual activity i have felt and experienced this place takes the cake, by feeling alone. This park at night generates a feeling of sheer terror, a skin crawling vibe that is sure to make the most veteran investigator take note. Feelings and experiences can be signs of spiritual activity and make for awesome stories, however this is not evidence and evidence is what the SCSI is about. Maxwell and I recorded, we talked, we asked questions and sat for a long period of time trying to generate a response from spirits. We heard several noises, yet nothing out of the ordinary for a park in the night. We did not experience EMF readings that would raise suspicion and we did not have any visual or audible responses from a spirit. We eventually called the rest of the crew to come pick us up (the park is closed and off limits at night, oops!) and we set out to examine the evidence. We had one unexplained section of audio that some would deem to be an EVP. It actually seemed to be an entire sentence at about fourteen minutes into the recording session. We examined the audio wave over and over, yet could not make out any words. Other than this, we did not capture any data out of the ordinary, much less something that would suggest that this park is haunted.
We do intend to go back in the daytime and conduct a follow up investigation, so we will not close the case. There just isn’t any data that suggest this place is haunted. Until we are able to further investigate we will not close the case.
Current case status: Open
Current case conclusion: Not haunted
(This park is beautiful and in a very beautiful area, if you have the chance do check it out)

herdklotz prk 2


Residential investigation, little hope road

The SCSI was asked to perform an investigation at a Blacksburg home on February 7th 2014. The house is located on little hope road behind Kelly’s Steakhouse right off of HWY 29. Surrounded by woods, the small brick home does have a dark feeling. The surrounding trees generate an automatically eerie feeling that leaves one wondering.  The home was previously owned by a schizophrenic (believed to be possessed) elderly woman who spray painted her windows so she could no longer see ghost and demonic entities. This story is verified, the current resident inherited the house from the woman and has since wondered whether she was insane or there was more to the story. The SCSI set up shop with standard EMF detectors, and two digital recorders. We asked several generic investigatory questions and received no audible responses. When prompting a spirit to make a noise, we received no response. The house did have an unusually high EMF baseline for a place so secluded and technologically limited. This investigation lasted quite a while and did not feel eerie or dark like we did at first glance of the location. We felt at ease, light and cheerful. When we set out to review the data we were surprised to find twenty one unexplained sounds, but upon further review were able to determine that they were mostly sounds made by the crew or resident. Actually, there was not a single EVP or sound that suggested that the place was haunted.

The Evidence that this place is not haunted is overwhelming. We are still lightly reviewing the data and running the sounds through pro voice software but so far we conclude that this place is not haunted and have closed the case.

pinckneyville investigation

Pinckneyville is an old historic ghost town located near Union County South Carolina. Established in 1791 the Town is in ruins with only a few relics left of it’s existence. Apparitions, voices, phantom vehicles, whispers,growls,screams,angry crazy backwoods locals… why not go, right? You may want to reconsider, seeing how it’s on private property and people don’t take too kindly to trespassers. The SCSI was not deterred, we set out on our journey leaving Gaffney in hopes to collect amazing data from this famous historical haunted location. The old windy country dirt road is blocked off with an intimidating gate, no trespassing signs are posted everywhere. We would not be stopped and proceeded to enter the gate and embark on a journey up the long road. Wooded area lines the road on both sides, giving way for tons of mysterious sounds of the wilderness. Our fear wasn’t spirits, but rather the locals. There are a few houses down the road and we proceed with extreme caution. After a long grueling walk we entered the historic site of Pinckneyville. We took group photos at the old courthouse marker, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. We started an EVP session at what is known as the famous hanging tree, capturing nothing conclusive. We proceeded to another tree that is surrounded by an old wire gate that is said to house the grave of a Pinckneyville resident. Our recording session there also revealed no evidence of haunting. We searched for the famous Pinckneyville Cemetery but had no luck due to time restriction and buzzing sounds of the locals and trampling through the woods. We conducted research and took multiple photos at ruins all around the location, still finding no evidence of paranormal activity in the area. Despite the area’s dark feeling and the feeling of spiritual presence, in my professional opinion we did not have enough time to conclude whether the place was haunted or not. Case still open,20140202_180052 current case status inconclusive.

From left to right. Michael Guyton (investigator), Maxwell Alexander (Lead Investigator), Aaron Sprouse (Demonologist). Photo taken by Sarah Freyta (Investigator).
From left to right. Michael Guyton (investigator), Maxwell Alexander (Lead Investigator), Aaron Sprouse (Demonologist). Photo taken by Sarah Freyta (Investigator).





Ghost admitting their existence! Provoking investigators! answering several



  DAY 1.   February 2, 2014 The SCSI (South Carolina supernatural investigations) conducted an investigation on Billy goat Bridge Road in Gaffney, South Carolina. The first trip to this location resulted in some of the most startling GRADE A EVP’S that I have ever heard. Maxwell Alexander, along with Sarah Freyta and Michael Guyton (both former investigators) held a recording session here for day one. I had never seen them so excited. It was as if the guys had stumbled directly onto a gold mine; they did!

  I knew this was the real deal. I COULDN’T HAVE BEEN MORE READY.  I LISTENED TO THE STUNNING EVP from the night before, over and over again.

^Just as they said, a clear male voice asking “why is my face burned?”.^


       DAY 2.   Maxwell, Mikey and I were set to take on the investigation of a lifetime. Oh the dark, eerie, feeling of being watched. heightened senses; extreme paranoia; visual and auditory matrxcing. This location packs it all in the first punch. Sarah was not able to come on investigation number two. Which is really interesting considering what we found next. An even clearer EVP STATING: “this F****** burning” in a female voice. (yes i am serious)

DAY 3-5.

We captured two evp’s saying Mikey (one of our team members) BUT THAT WAS NOTHING. WE HAVE CAPTURED ANOTHER GRADE A EVP, SAYING “I EXIST”

              A few of these EVP‘s were captured while in the vehicle, others on the bridge. On the bridge we had EXTREMELY high EMF readings, and an extremely dark feeling. The entire place has an ominous vibe. It is  dark, it is cold and it’s downright frightening. We ALL sensed a presence and in direct response to asking for a manifestation Manifest we had knocking on the bridge. Constant rumbling under the bridge and direct responses to questions asked. Out of several recording sessions we captured qute a few EVP’s that I would conclude to be spirits.

          As a group of logical thinkers we attribute the rest to natural sounds and recording disturbances that happen as a group of people walk around. As an investigatory protocol We note every sound that the crew makes, eliminating the possibility of these evp’s being us. I, Aaron Sprouse would professionally conclude that this place is indeed haunted.  Not just by one spirit, but two. One spirit being a male who was not aggressive and the second spirit being a female which I deemed to be malevolent.

By: Aaron Sprouse

Findings, validation, debunking of paranormal claims. conducted by the scsi

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