Leroy’s bridge, Gaffney Sc (Gaffney stranger)

Leroy Martin

A.K.A.: “The Gaffney Strangler”

Classification: Serial killer
Characteristics: Rape
Number of victims: 4
Date of murders: 1967 – 1968
Date of arrest: February 15, 1968
Date of birth: 1937
Victims profile: Annie Lucille Dedmond / Nancy Carol Parris, 20 / Nancy Christine Rhinehart, 14 / Opal Diane Buckson, 15
Method of murder: Strangulation
Location: Gaffney, South Carolina, USA
Status: Sentenced to four life sentences in 1969. Stabbed to death by another inmate, Kenneth Rumsey, on May 31, 1972

Leroy Martin, the cold, sick individual that tormented residents of Gaffney South Carolina in the late sixties dumped one of the bodies at this bridge. Her spirit has plagued the bridge ever since, Or so they say. The SCSI set out with a three man crew; Maxwell Alexander, Aaron Sprouse, and Adam Pridgen. Armed with nothing more than cameras and digital recorders we took took to the bridge on a cold night, searching for answers. The place has an extremely ominous feel, almost screaming haunted.
We took several pictures, recorded video and audio while at the bridge in hopes of capturing some awesome data. The air is thick, and a feeling of sheer terror comes over you while there. In the midst of our investigation the rain started falling, the thunder bellowed loudly and lighting shot across the night sky. We did not stop. We went to Leroy’s bridge in search of answers and we would not leave until we had them. Time seemed to move so slow, as if we were trapped there forever. Fighting the urge to quit, to say enough, we kept recording.
We honestly did not expect to have captured anything note worthy there, we were dead wrong. The evidence isn’t overwhelming; but what we did capture was shocking. A faint voice clearly saying “help me” on the recorder. There were several other instances of abnormalities in the audio, but nothing substantial. We could not make anything out of them and we refused to let auditory matrixing trap us in the same snare that so many other investigation unit’s fall prey to, misconception. We plan on investigating here again and i do urge you guys to check it out for yourselves.


Haunted waterwheel Gaffney, Sc (Gaffney strangler)

Waterwheel gaffney, sc

The waterwheel, Gaffney SC. An alleged spot where the infamous Gaffney strangler “Leroy Martin” dumped one of his victims bodies. This location is reported to be haunted by the spirit of this poor girl.

From wikipedia.com “Leroy Martin: (around 1938 — 31 May 1972) also known as the “Gaffney Strangler”, was an American serial killer from Gaffney, South Carolina. He murdered 4 girls in 1967-1968. Nancy Carol Parris, 20, was killed on February 7, 1968, and found beside a bridge. Her husband had reported her missing. She had been raped and strangled.
Nancy Christine Rhinehart, 14, was killed and her body was found buried under a brush pile, with one foot sticking out. She also had been raped and strangled.”
“On Feb. 8, 1968 Leroy Martin called Bill Gibbons the editor of The Gaffney Ledger. Martin gave Gibbons a list of names and locations of the 3 women he had killed so far. The last name on the list was Annie Lucille Dedmond’s. Martin wanted to make sure it was known that the husband was innocent. He was ultimately released from prison.
Four days later Martin called Gibbons again and gave a warning that there would be more killings. On February 13, 1968, Opal Diane Buckson, 15, became his last victim. She was grabbed and thrown into the trunk of a car while walking to a school bus stop with her sister. The police found her body in a wooded area several days later”

The grounds were blanketed with hard ice, so slick that a step on flat ground proved to be a task in itself. The news reports urged people to stay off the roads, the SCSI could not comply, there was work to be done. The waterwheel has allegedly been haunted since the body of the Gaffney strangler victim was found there, and we could not pass up the opportunity to investigate this place. The ice and snow covered that terrain was very hazardous, the team practically slid downhill in the pitch black southern night to get to our destination.
This investigation was miserable, the frigid temperature made the wind feel as if it were slicing through our bodies. The bridge that covered a small creek was so slippery we could barely cross it. One of our investigators (Michael Guyton) fell, injuring his back. The rest of the team proceeded to the waterwheel weary, beaten and frozen. The team inspected and observed the spot for quite some time. We took numerous photo’s and held several recording sessions. The close by waterfall made a lot of background noise and the cascading moonlight on the water made the perfect spot for visual and auditory matrixing.
A beautiful and historic spot, check it out if you ever have the chance. Is it haunted? No way. We had absolutely nothing in the pictures. There was a few questionable moments on the recorder that we attribute to auditory matrixing. The scariest thing about this spot is the weather in which we investigated. On a sunny day it is easily accessible and a very beautiful place. The locals are friendly, and this location is historical. I urge you to check the place out and investigate for yourself, to the SCSI this case is closed.
case status:closed
case conclusion: not haunted

Blast battle ground Gaffney, SC

The historic blast battleground, Gaffney SC.
according to strangeusa.com:
“During Clear nights, at about midnight, you can hear gunshots and cannons going off. When you look outside, you here it, but you can`t see it. Go Back in and wait a few minutes, then go out. You will see people fighting and drawing swords, shooting with cannons and guns. If you talk, move sudden, or run, there will be creatures running after you, they look human, but they have bloody teeth, cuts on their throat, crawl fast, and say in lowly, old voice, “I lost, But I`ll Get You For It!!” Many people have reported this sighting and some have been severely injured. They act as if they are protecting something, or someone, form you. The people are unknown, but…..the war is somehow, familiar. The place is located down the road beside Crestveiw Church, on hwy 11, and take a right, there will be graveyard, that is where they are. Be warned, Never stop your car or walk by there at night, There might be severe consequences.”

The area has long been shrouded in mystery and legend, history and distinction. Is it a cool place? sure it is. do we think it’s haunted? no.

The cemetery is small and there are no markers indicating that there was a battleground there. Recording sessions proved redundant; photographs revealed nothing.



The lack of evidence was too much for our investigatory minds to handle, we just had to go back. On this trip we did happen to catch a very interesting grade A evp saying “commence.” Upon analysis we were able to determine without a doubt that it was neither one of us. The word is so clear that it almost sounds digitized, but all we had with us was a recorder. This piece of data is shocking. Without a doubt it was something not seen. Does that mean the battle ground is haunted? no, we have investigated this place many times. Could a spirit have been there that night? without a doubt. listen to the voice and let us know what you think.

Booger Jim bridge Blacksburg SC

A place of legend; the notorious Booger Jim bridge , A certified folklore goldmine.

According to local legend and strangeusa.com:

“Booger Jim lives under the bridge. He died on the bridge in 1979 when he was hung over the side of the bridge with jumper cables by his crazy wife Becca at around 9:00 P.M. If you call his name 3 times, he will answer, but you can’t make it out because his throat was crushed from the hanging! Some people have even reported seeing him with a large burn on his throat from the cables.”
There are several differing stories, all with the same conclusion. Booger Jim haunts the bridge in Cherokee falls. Everyone from this area has heard the story and many locals claim to have seen him. Some claim to have video and photographic evidence. I would love to see it. Being from this area I have heard these stories my whole life, so investigating this bridge was a thrill. Many good people from this area believe this story wholeheartedly, so the SCSI wanted to gather data and publish results on this location as fast as possible.
We saw shadows and heard growls, We felt an eerie aura emanating from this area and we witnessed movement in the shadows. Instead of being scared and stopping we investigated further. We pushed on despite the disturbing sounds and figures in the woods. We noted several swift movements and images in the dark, intimidating forest. The steep terrain opens the possibility for immediate danger. You’re completely on point at this bridge. There’s a deep sense of surrounding terror, an encompassing fear that chills you right down to the bone. This place is scary, there is no doubt about that. In fact it feels so intense that you can’t help but wonder when it will be over. Here’s the real scoop though, is it haunted?
First, let’s examine the location. Cherokee falls; the secluded outskirts of Blacksburg. Heavily wooded, dark, and filled with nature’s critters. Cherokee Falls is a neighborhood in the town of Blacksburg in Cherokee County, South Carolina. A former mill community along the Broad River, Cherokee Falls was a town until dis-incorporation and merger into Blacksburg in the 1990’s. A desolate place in the middle of nowhere. I thought for sure we would get some good data.
We wrapped up the investigation and headed out, excited to examine our data. Did we collected super hard paranormal evidence? No. In fact, we did not gather a single piece of data that could be attributed to the paranormal. Many times false imagery is caused by matrixing, you see something in the shadows yet it’s not there. This area is the perfect location for misinterpretation. The surrounding wilderness opens the door for animals to be easily hid and their movements be attributed to something paranormal. I believe that this is a special place and I urge you to investigate it for yourself; But does the SCSI believe it’s haunted? Not one bit.
case status: closed
case conclusion: not haunted

Novant Hospital, Gaffney, South Carolina, February 8th, 2014

Taken by a nurse
Taken by a nure

A few members of the SCSI went to the hospital to visit some loved ones and while there decided to do a recording session inside of the room while visiting.

While hospitals are notorious for claims of paranormal activity; I myself (Maxwell Alexander) have never experienced anything of the paranormal nature in a hospital. But we said what the heck, let’s give it a try and do a recording session. During the recording session a few friends of the family stopped by. One of the friends name’s was Lisa. After reviewing the recording we got two different voices stating the name Lisa. Another evp of note was the sound of children in the background. During this time there were no children in the near area, as well as the door to the room was shut. below I will post a copy of all the evp’s and noted sounds in their original format.


  • Floating orbs
  • disembodied voices (singing, laughter)
  • battery troubles
  • shadows
  • temperature abnormalities
  • dancing lights
  • screams

These are just a few of the reported paranormal incidents at the Oakwood “hell’s gate” cemetery in Spartanburg, SC. What i find more interesting is the fact that irresponsible people go there to mess with others. Local new stations have reported several incidents of teenage pranksters engaging in immature activities, in attempt to scare people. Some hide in the woods wearing all black, flashing lights. Some people have been reported to throw rocks.

Krystal Hannon says, “We’ve ran into a few groups. And all the information on the internet says it’s subject to vandalism. So it could be teenagers, it could be ritualistic societies down here.”

“I was out with my friends and I basically came out and there were people here in hoods – very dark and shady people – quite aggressive,” says Matt Lovinggood.

If that wasn’t bad enough, check out this excerpt from WYFF news:

WYFF — “Police are searching for the vandals who opened a grave at a Spartanburg, South Carolina cemetery and stole a skull. Police believe someone opened the grave at Oakwood Cemetery and took the skull on Monday.The grave site was still in disarray on Wednesday.The headstone and cinder blocks were strewn around the area.The casket was partially exposed, and it was apparent that someone deliberately chipped away the cement seal over it.The lid of the casket was also askew.”

Our Investigation:

It was dark, freezing cold, and extremely disturbing. The team was thrilled to be investigating such a notoriously blatantly haunted location. All of the stories, the rituals, reported demonic entities that plague the cemetery make for one hell of an investigation right? Nope. Actually, the lack of evidence was startling. Almost all of the noises can be attributed to pranksters; the lights, and the general disturbances.

The whole team did experience something. We exited the vehicle and CLOSED all of the doors to the car. After a while of investigating we noticed a black mass to the right of the vehicle, as we got closer we noticed the right passenger door was opened. Our first instinct was a vandal, so we checked to see if our investigation equipment had been stolen but nothing was missing. This was the only thing we experienced out of the ordinary. Though this was creepy, this was shocking and disturbing, it is not evidence.

There were no evp’s, no unexplained lights, no laughter or no singing. We did however feel extremely disturbed… but that is not evidence. This place is creepy, no it’s downright scary. I would not blame anyone for claiming they experienced something here, the surrounding woods generate a lot of noise. Car lights on nearby roads could stream through creating a light phenomenon. Local pranksters could say or throw something, freaking you out. It just has that kind of vibe. Downright terrifying, yes. Haunted? I don’t think so.

case status: closed

case conclusion: not haunted

Children’s cemetery paranormal investigation, Greenville SC



First, let’s examine some of the history of this location:”

This location is “Known as the Children’s Graveyard or more formally as the Duncan Chapel Methodist Church cemetery.”

“Duncan Chapel Methodist Church was built sometime back in the 1850s on land owned by P. E. Duncan and later sold by Duncan to the church. The first Duncan Chapel School was built on a quarter acre in the late 1870s on land sold by the church. The church ceased to function sometime in the 1920s and was sold off in 1939 according to the deed selling off the church land. A second, larger Duncan Chapel School was built a small distance away in the 1910s and so the first school was abandoned. No ruins of the church or the school exist anymore. The church cemetery is still around, although it is not exactly in anything resembling good condition.” information provided by, “outdoors in the upstate”, here’s their blog : http://markemark4.blogspot.com/

Tombstones range from the late 1700’s to late 1800’s. Some may be older than that, cause you can’t read what is on them. Reports say that you can see lights, hear running and laughter. Its a great little place to go and explore.” quote, (straneusa.com)


the crew consisted of: (Maxwell Alexander, Aaron Sprouse, Sarah Freyta, and Hunter Kirby)

We set out to explore and investigate this known site, keeping in mind that all of the stories are not evidence. We only brought a digital voice recorder, EMF detector’s, and an experimental phone app (just to see what it’s about). The location is near a gas station and a busy road, so background noise was a bit of an issue. The site is in ruins. The reports that state some graves have been dug up and desecrated are true. There has been a complete lack of respect to the graveyard. We made sure that we were very careful and respectful of the grave plot’s. We started a recording session, asking several questions.We also took several photograph’s hoping to capture some interesting data. An overwhelming sadness came over us, probably because of the desecration of the graves. You get a strong sense of hopelessness, of lost children, forgotten children.

We recorded for quite some time, asking a series of questions in relation to the forgotten spirit’s pain. The sadness was overwhelming, but tolerable. The air was frigid and thick but not scary. The location was sad, yet energetic. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, and did not feel the slightest bit uneasy despite the sadness. We explored this historic location through and through, taking several several pictures along the way. After several EVP sessions we finally got the urge to leave when a truck full of locals kept circling the location, we collected a little more data and headed out to analyze our findings.

We did not capture anything in picture’s, however we did get some very interesting EVP’S. Some of our evp’s are understandable, some actually sound like children trying to form a sentence. The data does seem to indicate paranormal activity, and i will provide the evp’s for you guys to preview it for yourselves.

Make of it what you will. Investigate for yourself, but please be respectful of the grave’s

case status: closed

Case conclusion: Spiritually active

Findings, validation, debunking of paranormal claims. conducted by the scsi

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