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Our services are free, we do not charge and we never ask for compensation. There is a lot of traveling involved in these cases and at times it can be overwhelming. We do this alone and we receive no corporate endorsements. Your help would be greatly appreciated as we continue to progress and evolve. If you are able to donate to the SCSI THEN PLEASE DO AND IF YOUR NOT ABLE TO THEN DON’T SWEAT IT. We assure you that if you are able to chip in, that your money will go to buying equipment, and fuel. As we continue to grow, the financial strains become bigger and bigger. We will not stop, we will continue to bring you a high level of investigatory professionalism. If you ever want to help out the SCSI then please feel free to contact us @ Stay spooky friends and we look forward to sharing our adventures with you.

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  1. Hey y’all!
    I’ve got a house for you! It’s in the process of being foreclosed. NO ONE has ever been able to live in it!!! If y’all aren’t afraid of getting caught (which I doubt will happen) I’ll give you more info! I’ve always wanted to investigate it! But I’m a chicken! Ha! I live next door…and I’ve seen things!!! Lights have come on…(yeah when there’s no power!!!) and my 5 year old has been in the house when she was probably 2 or so. Her grandpa used to live there. She said there was a man named John that liked to play. And she would sit on the pool table and roll balls and they would come back to her!!! So y’all need to check it out for real! Let me know!

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