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Do Aliens Exist?

Aliens, UFO’s, Extraterrestrial beings, these are just a few of the terms that have been given to describe other worldly beings. This next article will be the first of its kind on this site. I strive for knowledge of the unknown in whatever form it may take. In the past we have solely focused our writing and investigations on the paranormal ideas of ghosts and spirits. I look now to delve deeper into the unknown and discuss the questions regarding extraterrestrial beings. Are extraterrestrial beings real, do UFO’s really exist, and what solid evidence is out there at this moment in time to credit these beliefs and ideas?

Let’s start this new topic on the site with the first question mentioned. What are extraterrestrial beings? Extraterrestrial, by definition means, from outside the earth or its atmosphere, and can also be used to describe a being from outer space, especially an intelligent one.

Let’s move on to the next question. Are aliens real? So by knowing exactly what the word extraterrestrial means we can sum up that it would be preposterous to believe that we truly are the only beings in the universe. Let’s first start with the statistical analysis of our known universe. There is at this point in time an estimated 10 billion galaxies, with each galaxy containing an estimated 100 billion stars. So in the observable universe we estimate that there are 1 Billion Trillion Stars, which is 1 with 21 zeros following it, or, 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. That in itself is an unfathomable amount of stars. Let’s assume that most of these stars formed the same way ours did, and that most of these stars have a planetary solar system like ours. Which, most scientists would agree that they do. Let’s also assume that we are not an anomaly, what has happened here on earth is a relatively common thing. I mean, why would it not be? There is nothing scientifically special about our solar system other than the fact that we inhabit it. So with 1 billion trillion stars, most of which having a planetary solar system similar to ours, we can make a relatively educated guess as to whether or not we are alone in the universe. Do you know what the answer to that guess would be? The answer would be no, we are not alone.

This sparks a different question though. While yes, we are probably not alone in the universe. That does not mean that extraterrestrials are necessarily here on earth as we speak. As a matter of fact, modern physics would say the odds of life from other planets traveling to us here on earth right now are astronomically low. This is due to Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Most of us are familiar with equation E=MC2. But, very few actually understand what that equation denotes. It explains that matter traveling at the speed of light becomes energy. With this line of thinking the possibilities of life from other solar systems and galaxies ever reaching us is extremely low. Because, Einstein’s theory exclaims that no matter can travel faster than the speed of light; and even measured in light years (the amount of distance light cant travel in one year) the distant stars and galaxies are extremely far away. But, that leads to another thought. What if our belief of physics and space time is wrong? It’s not a question proposed by many due to the belief that what we know to be fact must in fact, be fact. But, that is a conversation for another time.

So, let’s assume that what Einstein believed is without any doubt, true. That would mean that the most logical possibility of alien life being here on earth with us today stems from the idea that it must have formed here in our solar system right next to us. The most commonly thought planet to have supported life in our solar system outside of Earth, is Mars. Which, recent scientific discovery has led us to believe that there were oceans on Mars up to 450ft deep as recently as 200,000 years ago; which, in astronomical terms might as well have been yesterday. If there was life on Mars 200,000 years ago that means that life there on Mars, and life here on Earth existed at the same points in time. Let’s say for argument’s sake that there was life on Mars, and that it did exist as recently as 200,000 years ago. Where did it go? What happened to destroy it? Why don’t we see remnants of it on our photographs of the planet? Only further investigation of the planets compound structures and geology will lead us to the answers to those questions. Although, if there was life on Mars, and if it was intelligent enough to have mastered inter-planetary travel then surely it was intelligent enough to realize there was another planet right next door capable of supporting life. So with that possibility, it isn’t completely farfetched to believe that alien life might really be here on Earth as we speak.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article. I hope to add a whole new line of conversation into the SCSI and will be writing much more on this subject in the future. I look forward to investigating aliens, UFO’s, and Ancient Astronaut theories in the future. As always, if you share my fascination with the unknown feel free to contact me, comment, or investigate it for yourself.

Maxwell Alexander           Founder/SCSI


HARD TIMES WILL ALWAYS MEASURE GREATNESS (South Carolina Supernatural Investigations)


    In many ways we feel like we let you guys down, we just vanished and did not post any new stories for months. We have a responsibility to you all in the paranormal world and nothing will stop us from consistently delivering our fans the top notch investigatory work that they are used to.

     The SCSI as a group has faced many recent hardships. I quit my job, thinking i would find another one fast; I was wrong. I suddenly found myself overwhelmed with payments that i couldn’t manage. I took a job with Mayflower, a relocation company, (which meant i was going to be gone 90% of the time). I spent most of the time in Richmond, Virginia. I enjoyed it, but i missed home. I missed the SCSI. When I was able to come Home, it was for maybe one to two days, every 2-3 weeks. It just wasn’t enough time. In my stead, Maxwell Alexander continued to showcase spectacular skill, instinct and know-how. Though we are a team; at this point in time we were technically solo. During that time period, Maxwell Alexander was arguably the best solo paranormal investigator in South Carolina.

I investigated everything I could. If I thought that it may be paranormal, i was at  least gonna try and record some audio. Even things I would never guess were haunted, got investigated. I wanted to stay sharp, extremely sharp, so I did. I continued to perfect my craft, always aiming to push this field to the next level. I do not approach paranormal investigation that way because i want us to be better than the next guys. I am serious about what I do, because I love this field. l love this science. This Job gives you an amazing connection with what’s in nature, the physical and the Spiritual world. The every day energies that are around you, it is an incredible feeling. Being the driven person that i am, I kept testing myself (hard) throughout the duration of my absence.  I tested myself everyday. I re-analyzed every aspect of investigation. I would constantly train myself. I studied material that i know, SO I COULD CONTINUE TO PUSH THIS FIELD. I taught myself all over again how to operate equipment, and how to manipulate entities. I studied different types of spirits and why they are here. I studied theological significances. Demonology (my first love), multicultural mythologies; and countless provocation techniques. Expulsion, invocation, and other group’s techniques. I even went over everything that I have learned over the years by observation, knowing that some day I would be right back in the battle!

  What obstacle could possibly stop Maxwell Alexander and Aaron Sprouse? At our ages, we are highly regarded as the most thorough, realistic; and most practical paranormal investigators in the state of South Carolina. Though i was out of town, I knew Maxwell would continue to progress. I knew he would continue to collect mind boggling data. He would continue to teach rookie investigators how to properly engage an entity. I knew he would also hold steadfast in **SEEKING THE TRUTH** Max would find answers, not make ghostly assumptions. I knew Maxwell Alexander would use science. Knowledge and logic will always prevail when Maxwell is on an investigation.

So without me, the others continued to conduct investigations here in South Carolina on the home-front. I wasn’t worried, they were all capable. Like usual though; problems soon arose. Former case manager and field Investigator “Sarah Freyta” Had to take time off, for maternity leave. People wouldn’t answer phone calls or put any effort into case planning, preparation, execution or analysis. Several members were not taking their duties seriously. They treated the SCSI as if it were a joke. We were getting used, friendships were being ruined and there was nothing I could do about it in Virginia.

Prior to me leaving for Richmond, Maxwell underwent several setbacks as well. His then roommate(s) failed to pay their portion of the rent. Max had left his second shift job at a warehouse before  to primarily focus on investigation.Things were still going great for him but he had to move due to another lessee not paying his due portions. Maxwell simply did not have the extra funds to cover it.

     Hard times seemed hit max and I at the same time. I was living on the road. Sleeping many nights in a tractor trailer, just barely getting by, While Max was forced to move out of his home (our headquarters). Max landed a third shift job, in order to survive. The money is good, and Max really loves his job. His personal life is flowing much smoother and his investigatory skills have increased dramatically. In my opinion; Maxwell Alexander, is one of the best paranormal Investigators in the southeastern united states. We refuse to give up and i think that is something that makes our group special. When facing situations that would make several other investigation societies crumble, we came out stronger.  We came out of this better. I moved home to South Carolina and decided it was time for serious changes within the group. If we wanted the SCSI to function and operate at an extremely high level, we had to let people go.

We started seriously enforcing the book of investigatory protocol.

and have since found several new prospects that are willing to take the job serious and give their all to this field. We have never asked anyone to perform a task that we would not perform. We never lied to, cheated, manipulated or took advantage of anyone on the team. We are no longer being taken advantage of, and are essentially carrying the entire load ourselves. We pretty much always have. Maxwell may not be able to investigate a haunting every night anymore, but his guidance and expertise is always there. His words resonate with the younger guys, and they know that what they learn from max and I, it will be Grade “A” paranormal knowledge, UN-matched, unequaled and unrivaled. We are back, and Better than ever.

Be safe. Always take precaution when presumably dealing with a spirit. -Aaron Sprouse   (

Edited by: Maxwell Alexander