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Planning for the Future

Hey guys, Max here. I just wanted to make a quick entry about what we are planning for this coming summer, fall, and winter. We hit a bit of a slow patch throughout the beginning of this year due to personal projects that many of us had going on, but we are looking to get back in to the swing of things in the near future. We have a few places lined up to investigate, as well as some individuals who have contacted us with leads. We are still aiming to get a YouTube series up and running sometime around early summer.

I had personally hit a bit of a rough patch when my laptop crashed due to a harddrive failure. When it went, it took all of the SCSI data with it. But, I have since replaced the laptop and will be trying to recover the data so that I can share it with everyone who reads articles on our site. I have high hopes for the future of the SCSI, and look forward to hearing from all of our readers here, our fans on Facebook, and all the members of our group. I just wanted to post this to let everyone know that we are still active and passionate about the paranormal. As always, if you have any questions or leads feel free to contact us by email at I look forward to sharing all of our ghostly adventures with you. Until next time,

Maxwell Alexander – Founder/SCSI



The Pineal Gland: Pathway to the Paranormal?

The pineal gland is one of the more well-known members of the human body’s endocrine system (a collection of glands that secrete and regulate hormones). It is remarkable in the scientific belief it does very little other than regulate our sleep, but through the ages has been thought of as our literal third eye and gateway to the soul.

There are many theories about the pineal gland, and I will try to touch on a couple of the big ones in this article. Now, I do not want you to read this and think that I believe everything that about these theories. This is meant for theoretical thought provocation, and not to be taken as scientific fact.


Let’s start out by talking about what the pineal gland is known to do. The pineal gland (also called the pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis or the “third eye”) is a small endocrine gland. It produces melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and photoperiodic (seasonal) functions. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with melatonin, melatonin is the natural hormone in our body that regulates our sleep. Too much of it will make us sleepy, while getting too little of it  will lead to us feeling uncomfortable and restless. So, that is what we know the pineal gland does, let’s move away from scientific fact towards metaphysical theory.

The ancient Egyptians were so fascinated by the pineal gland, and believed that it held powers so great to mankind, that they modeled the Eye of Horus after the pineal gland (I will include an image below to show you the similarities). The ancient Egyptians, just as many other different cultures have in the past, believed the pineal gland to be our third eye; our literal way of communicating with the spiritual realm. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “well, if I have this so called “third eye” in my body, then why am I not able to see or hear these spirits that this thing is supposed to let me contact?” This is where one of the many theories about the pineal gland come into play.


The pineal gland also does something else over the course of our lives. Now, while we aren’t completely sure of the cause, we do know that it is linked to the type of diets that we live by in modern day society. Over the course of our lives our pineal gland becomes more and more calcified from fluoride deposits. This is not believed to be physically detrimental (although, some modern studies have been finding correlations between calcification and Alzheimer’s). This calcification begins at an early age. It has been seen in individuals as young as two, but does not hit a high average effected rate till later years. Now, this is an interesting note, because many people have had experiences with children who claim to be talking to people who aren’t there, relatives who have long past. Is this due to an overactive imagination, or is it the side effect of a pineal gland that hasn’t been calcified yet due to fluoride intake? Is this the reason why people prior to 19th century, who lived on diets that would have led to little or no calcification of the pineal gland, wrote about a great many experiences that we would consider to be “paranormal” in modern times?


I do not presume to know for certain whether or not the pineal gland may act as a third eye, creating a pathway to another realm within our body. Furthermore, I do not want to draw any correlations without causations. I merely believe this to be an interesting topic, with some interesting details, that I find intriguing enough to possibly delve deeper into to find some answers to an age old question. I will leave you with this one last thought before I go. The pineal gland is known to calcify; and it has become a symbol used in human history for thousands of years. Why do you think the ancient cultures put so much faith in this seemingly insignificant gland? I welcome any comments and discussion in the comment thread below. If you enjoy reading articles written by the SCSI, then I implore you to like us on Facebook, and feel free to join our FB group to share your own stories, images, and thoughts. I wish you all the best in the future and thank you for taking the time to read the article.

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Halloween Special, SCSI & OldStillRadio


Hey folks, we hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and didn’t get into too much trouble hunting for ghosts. The OldStillRadioShow interviewed Craig Whyde and Maxwell Alexander for their Halloween podcast special. I hope you enjoy it, and please be sure to show these guys support in their future podcast endeavors. It was a great time! I hope you all have as good of a time listening to it as we did talking to them!

-The whole SCSI team

Mary Bailey House, Greenville, SC

It was a cool summer night in late August. I joined SCSI investigators Craig and Brittany Whyde, and Mike and Lauren Feria at the house in a residential neighborhood around 9pm. We immediately began setting up our night vision DVR’s and acquired a baseline emf reading in the different parts of the house. You could tell the house hadn’t been lived in for years. There was paint peeling off the walls, old furniture lying askew in the middle of rooms and an inch of dust covering almost every facet of the building. We had chosen to investigate this location due to local claims of paranormal activity ranging from disembodied voices to full on poltergeist activity. We were all excited for what the night had in store for us and could not wait to get in the house and see if we could catch anything.

We approached the investigation most of the time in teams of two or three with someone outside monitoring the cameras at all times. We started the investigation out in the living room closest to the front door. We whipped out our handheld DVR and Digital recorders and started asking your basic questions, “Is there anybody or anything here with us right now, if so can you give us a sign of your presence?” We tried to gather a response but were unable to catch much of anything at this point in time. We did this same thing through all of the other rooms but were unable at the time to hear or see anything unusual to us.

About an hour and a half into the investigation we did catch what appeared to be an orb. Now, I almost never attribute orbs to any type of paranormal activity. But this one caught our attention because of how slow it moved and how distinctly it appeared and then dissipated. Below is the clip of this activity.

After reviewing all the audio from the voice recorders we were able to make out some odd noises and possible EVP’s. I will upload all the audio clips below and let you decide on what you think we may have caught.


Investigating the Paranormal: A Brief overview of the SCSI.

Hi, Max here. I have been asked in the past why I formed the South Carolina Supernatural Investigations; what were my motivations and why I eventually decided to found a paranormal investigations group? I have always been a skeptic when it comes to anything dealing with the realm of the supernatural. I like to use hard evidence to prove paranormal occurrences rather than senses or feelings. I have never been what some might call a medium, or a sensitive. However, I have always had a knack for analytics and critical thinking. It is by using those skills that I approach all analysis of findings and evidence throughout an investigation.

The first time I encountered anything paranormal was when I was 7 years old. My family had given me a Polaroid camera that I absolutely loved taking pictures with. I had been spending some time at a childhood friend’s house one day when I snapped a picture of the garage in his backyard. Now, this was a large garage; big enough to hold a boat and a couple of cars. On the side of the garage was an awning held up by some support pillars. When the picture I had taken finished developing I saw an image that has stuck with me my entire life. From behind one of the pillars was a completely dark figure leaning out waving at my friend and me. This was long before the idea of shadow people had become prevalent in pop culture. My 7-year-old self didn’t think much of it at the time. I sit here almost two decades later searching for evidence as clear as what I caught on that day with that little camera of mine that has long since been lost to the depths of time.

It wasn’t till 2004 when the show Ghost Hunters first aired on the Syfy channel that I realized what I had found in that picture taken 7 years prior. I started watching that show every week as it aired and always thought to myself, “this is what I want to do.” So I set out to learn as much as I could about the supernatural realms. Reading and researching everything from Bigfoot to the Bermuda Triangle; with every question answered only leading to more questions. Later in 2008, I watched the show Ghost Adventures for the first time and still felt the same drive towards paranormal investigating that I had felt 4 years earlier. I felt what some would describe as a calling. I would think to myself that this in not only what I want to do, but, what I need to do.

Let’s jump to the year 2014, I was working for a company who has long since gone out of business. But, it was here at this place I met my partner and good friend, Aaron Sprouse. Aaron and I both had an curiosity in the supernatural realms. It was at this point in time that Aaron and I decided to found the SCSI and pursue the paranormal ourselves. We started investigating places all across the Upstate of South Carolina as well parts of Georgia and lower North Carolina. Our investigating persisted for nearly a year. But, in mid 2015, personal responsibilities got in the way of us being able to dedicate time to  the SCSI. Aaron has since gotten married and had a beautiful baby boy. He is currently the Chairman of The Cherokee County Libertarian Party as well as working full-time job. While, Aaron does not have the time to pursue the paranormal unknown anymore, he still shares our passion and is always supportive of any endeavors the SCSI may take part in.

For a long time it looked like the SCSI would be lost to infinite depths of the internet, given up on and abandoned. But, in August, 2016 I was contacted by Craig Whyde. Craig and his partner Mike Feria were looking to perform investigations under the organizations umbrella. I welcomed Craig and Mike into the SCSI shortly after being contacted and have been completely impressed by their professionalism and dedication. Thanks to Craig and Mike the SCSI is now back in full swing and will be performing investigations of paranormal claims on a regular basis. Now that Aaron lacks the time to investigate for the SCSI, the core members of the SCSI are Craig, Mike, and I.

If you are reading this and feel any sort of interest in joining feel free to contact me. Also, if you feel like the things that go bump can be attributed to paranormal causes we are always available to investigate to try and bring you piece of mind. I look forward to a bright future with the SCSI and will strive to find answers to life’s most unexplained questions. Until the next time,

Maxwell Alexander    Founder/SCSI


Do Aliens Exist?

Aliens, UFO’s, Extraterrestrial beings, these are just a few of the terms that have been given to describe other worldly beings. This next article will be the first of its kind on this site. I strive for knowledge of the unknown in whatever form it may take. In the past we have solely focused our writing and investigations on the paranormal ideas of ghosts and spirits. I look now to delve deeper into the unknown and discuss the questions regarding extraterrestrial beings. Are extraterrestrial beings real, do UFO’s really exist, and what solid evidence is out there at this moment in time to credit these beliefs and ideas?

Let’s start this new topic on the site with the first question mentioned. What are extraterrestrial beings? Extraterrestrial, by definition means, from outside the earth or its atmosphere, and can also be used to describe a being from outer space, especially an intelligent one.

Let’s move on to the next question. Are aliens real? So by knowing exactly what the word extraterrestrial means we can sum up that it would be preposterous to believe that we truly are the only beings in the universe. Let’s first start with the statistical analysis of our known universe. There is at this point in time an estimated 10 billion galaxies, with each galaxy containing an estimated 100 billion stars. So in the observable universe we estimate that there are 1 Billion Trillion Stars, which is 1 with 21 zeros following it, or, 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. That in itself is an unfathomable amount of stars. Let’s assume that most of these stars formed the same way ours did, and that most of these stars have a planetary solar system like ours. Which, most scientists would agree that they do. Let’s also assume that we are not an anomaly, what has happened here on earth is a relatively common thing. I mean, why would it not be? There is nothing scientifically special about our solar system other than the fact that we inhabit it. So with 1 billion trillion stars, most of which having a planetary solar system similar to ours, we can make a relatively educated guess as to whether or not we are alone in the universe. Do you know what the answer to that guess would be? The answer would be no, we are not alone.

This sparks a different question though. While yes, we are probably not alone in the universe. That does not mean that extraterrestrials are necessarily here on earth as we speak. As a matter of fact, modern physics would say the odds of life from other planets traveling to us here on earth right now are astronomically low. This is due to Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Most of us are familiar with equation E=MC2. But, very few actually understand what that equation denotes. It explains that matter traveling at the speed of light becomes energy. With this line of thinking the possibilities of life from other solar systems and galaxies ever reaching us is extremely low. Because, Einstein’s theory exclaims that no matter can travel faster than the speed of light; and even measured in light years (the amount of distance light cant travel in one year) the distant stars and galaxies are extremely far away. But, that leads to another thought. What if our belief of physics and space time is wrong? It’s not a question proposed by many due to the belief that what we know to be fact must in fact, be fact. But, that is a conversation for another time.

So, let’s assume that what Einstein believed is without any doubt, true. That would mean that the most logical possibility of alien life being here on earth with us today stems from the idea that it must have formed here in our solar system right next to us. The most commonly thought planet to have supported life in our solar system outside of Earth, is Mars. Which, recent scientific discovery has led us to believe that there were oceans on Mars up to 450ft deep as recently as 200,000 years ago; which, in astronomical terms might as well have been yesterday. If there was life on Mars 200,000 years ago that means that life there on Mars, and life here on Earth existed at the same points in time. Let’s say for argument’s sake that there was life on Mars, and that it did exist as recently as 200,000 years ago. Where did it go? What happened to destroy it? Why don’t we see remnants of it on our photographs of the planet? Only further investigation of the planets compound structures and geology will lead us to the answers to those questions. Although, if there was life on Mars, and if it was intelligent enough to have mastered inter-planetary travel then surely it was intelligent enough to realize there was another planet right next door capable of supporting life. So with that possibility, it isn’t completely farfetched to believe that alien life might really be here on Earth as we speak.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article. I hope to add a whole new line of conversation into the SCSI and will be writing much more on this subject in the future. I look forward to investigating aliens, UFO’s, and Ancient Astronaut theories in the future. As always, if you share my fascination with the unknown feel free to contact me, comment, or investigate it for yourself.

Maxwell Alexander           Founder/SCSI

What are Ghosts?

ghostly_path_premade_1_by_i_am_jenius-d4ddh0pWhat are ghosts? No other question in the paranormal field has sparked as much speculation and controversy as the question, what are ghosts. You could ask 10 different people that question and get just as many different answers. In this article we’ll discuss, ponder, and speculate the age old question; what are ghosts?

Many believe that ghosts are the lost souls of those who have come before us. They believe that when a person dies their consciousness is left to wander the world til the end of time. While I try to keep an open mind in all things, the point that bothers me the most about this line of thinking is the fact that their have been billions of people who have lived and died in this world. If the human spirit carries on and wanders the earth after death then why do we not see more evidence of the paranormal in our everyday lives all around us. By using this line of thought, ghosts would seem to be involved in an overly crowded afterlife with much more evidence to their existence then we have at this current juncture in time.

Others would speculate that ghosts, are in effect, inter-dimensional beings who have harnessed the ability to travel across and within the very planes of reality. While, I myself tend to lean toward this belief system more so then the aforementioned ideology. I still hold my own doubts with this line of thinking. If the idea that ghosts really do stem from the actions of inter-dimensional beings is right then why have they not tried to make contact with us. Do they lack the ability? Surely not. Have they already interacted with us and continue to do so in a subtle manner? No one that I know of can really answer that in an educated manner backed up by solid evidence. So, while an interesting and completely plausible theory, there is no evidence at this moment to support this ideology.

Some believe that spiritual activity is nothing more than environmentally harnessed energy playing itself out on repeat til the source of that energy runs out. A common term associated with this ideology is the term, residual haunting; where the same paranormal activity is experienced over and over; usually occurring at the same time of day or year. The problem with this idea is that it does not account for the intelligence we often experience when dealing with the paranormal. Too often to discredit, investigators will ask a question and get an intelligent response. How could that be evidence of a residual type haunting? Could it be a coincidence? Possibly, but, I personally believe it happens far too often to be completely attributed to sheer happenstance. So while this may exist and account for some claims of paranormal activity, I find it hard to believe that this is the only cause for the paranormal things that go bump in the night.

While there are many other schools of thought when regarding the idea of ghosts, I am currently running out of time and will touch on more ideologies at a later time. I, as always, approach the paranormal field with the mind of a skeptic. I look for solid evidence, and do not believe feelings or sensations to be valid proof of the unknown. If you have any thoughts or ideas on the afterlife or the paranormal I am always open to new discussions and ideas. Until the next time,

– Maxwell Alexander    (Founder/SCSI)