About the SCSI

The SCSI (South Carolina Supernatural Investigations) is a paranormal investigations unit based out of the upstate of South Carolina. The SCSI was founded by Maxwell Alexander. Aaron Sprouse, and Craig Whyde. We investigate claims of paranormal activity all across the south. Our investigation method is comprised of compiling as much data as we can while on site, then reviewing said data afterwards to conclude as to whether the site was paranormally active. We base all our conclusions off of scientific data; nothing more, nothing less. If you have a claim that you would like investigated you may contact us at


or email the group @



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  1. Hi! I was born in Spartanburg and lived there from 1962-2005. I live in Bakersfield, California now but that doesn’t matter; South Carolina will always be my true home. I discovered your site and will be making frequent visits. I have my own ghost story and when I am not so tired I will relay it to you. Take care.

  2. If anyone has had experiences with coming into clairvoyance and gaining control over your abilities, defeating tormenting and manipulative spirits, and has experience in educating newly clairvoyant individuals,please leave a reply or email me at andybyars81@gmail.com. I have no financial contributions at this time, but I need help now. Thanks!

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