Mary Bailey House, Greenville, SC

It was a cool summer night in late August. I joined SCSI investigators Craig and Brittany Whyde, and Mike and Lauren Feria at the house in a residential neighborhood around 9pm. We immediately began setting up our night vision DVR’s and acquired a baseline emf reading in the different parts of the house. You could tell the house hadn’t been lived in for years. There was paint peeling off the walls, old furniture lying askew in the middle of rooms and an inch of dust covering almost every facet of the building. We had chosen to investigate this location due to local claims of paranormal activity ranging from disembodied voices to full on poltergeist activity. We were all excited for what the night had in store for us and could not wait to get in the house and see if we could catch anything.

We approached the investigation most of the time in teams of two or three with someone outside monitoring the cameras at all times. We started the investigation out in the living room closest to the front door. We whipped out our handheld DVR and Digital recorders and started asking your basic questions, “Is there anybody or anything here with us right now, if so can you give us a sign of your presence?” We tried to gather a response but were unable to catch much of anything at this point in time. We did this same thing through all of the other rooms but were unable at the time to hear or see anything unusual to us.

About an hour and a half into the investigation we did catch what appeared to be an orb. Now, I almost never attribute orbs to any type of paranormal activity. But this one caught our attention because of how slow it moved and how distinctly it appeared and then dissipated. Below is the clip of this activity.

After reviewing all the audio from the voice recorders we were able to make out some odd noises and possible EVP’s. I will upload all the audio clips below and let you decide on what you think we may have caught.


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