The Time Has Come

Hi, Maxwell Alexander here. I want to start by saying sorry to any of the people who have been visiting the site and following our group. We have been busy with our day to day lives and have not had much free time to delve into the realm of the paranormal unknown. That being said, I have big plans for our groups future. I will be updating our blog with new content regularly now. We have a plethora of data and stories that we have yet to share, and I will try my hardest to bring all of that to you.
We are also in the middle of reforming and are looking for like minded individuals to join the group and contribute to the hunt for knowledge and answers to the unknown. If the thought of finding answers to the questions of existentialism and life after death interest you then feel free to contact us. If you ever sit there and wonder what comes next or what the underlying meaning to life itself is then our group may be just what your looking for.
If you are experiencing anything that you believe to be derived from paranormal causes and would like an investigation that could lead to some answers you may contact us at anytime. If we are unable to perform an investigation due to travel concerns or scheduling issues then we will gladly redirect you to a caring and professional team that will meet your needs. We conduct all of our investigations using the scientific method; we work in a concise and professional manner and will not ask for any monetary compensation…although donations are accepted to help with travel costs.
I hope to hear from all of you soon, and look forward to a bright future for the S.C.S.I. You can find all of our contact info on our contacts page or you can directly email me at We are here for all of your needs when it comes to haunted places in South Carolina and I look forward to getting this show back on the road.

-Maxwell Alexander- Founder/Lead Investigator

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