South Carolina supernatural investigators (scsi) investigatory protocol

Founders and lead investigators: Maxwell Alexander, Aaron Sprouse

Standard protocol for the SCSI, a professional supernatural investigation society.
Qualities of a Professional investigator:
*Investigators should display strong sense of being and understanding of the supernatural.
* Investigators must be open minded, yet reasonable.
* Investigators must be willing to work with others to achieve a goal.
*Investigators should be brave and pious.
* Investigators must be able to put feelings and personal experience aside, focusing on evidence.
SCSI investigation regulations
* We will stick to our given roles, understanding that everyone’s talents and spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof) make this unit work.
* We will enter a location open minded, holding firm to the possibility of the paranormal, vying for confirmable data, while seeking scientific explanation.
* During a recording session all sounds made by the team that could be interpreted as paranormal should be verbally noted.
* While recording is in progress, only one investigator at a time should ask questions.
* All investigators should allow adequate time between questions, at least 10-30 seconds.
* If one investigator is asking a series of questions and another team member has the urge to add, or to ask a different question he should signal with his hand that he is about to speak, Eliminating the possibility of overlapping voices being misinterpreted.
* If the investigators experience a seemingly unexplainable event, they should seek a scientific explanation.
* Investigating should be fun, yet during a recording session playing should be limited.
* Investigators should have proper lighting equipment
* The investigation team should pray, before and after a spiritual investigation (regardless of religious beliefs)
* Investigators should carry identification so it can be presented in the event of being required to do so by the authorities.
* The SCSI should carry a basic first aid kit at every investigation.
* In the event of a non-team member entering the investigation location we will be honest then resume collecting data, unless we are intruding on private property and are asked to leave.
* We will be brave, if an entity manifest itself before us, or something directly paranormal happens we will not run and act scared. We will stand firm and continue to collect data.
* Lead investigators have authority over the investigation, and which investigatory methods will be applied. (Unless a case is deemed demonic)
* If we have a spiritualist, psychic, shaman, medium or priest working with us as a consultant then we will respect their expertise and professional instinct.
* When certified and experienced consultants sense danger we will abide, Even if it contradicts logic and rational thinking.
* In the event that a purely evil or demonic entity is felt by a priest, minister, or demonologist the investigation should cease and demonic expulsion should be engaged.
* In the event that a spirit is concluded demonic, no one should ask it questions or engage with it in any way except the priest, minister, or demonologist.

These basic guidelines are set to maintain a professional, effective and efficient investigation. They are in no way meant to extract the fun and personal enjoyment from investigation.
It is important to maintain protocol in order to ensure untainted data, regulate a safe and professional crew that garners results.
But never forget,The most important rule is to have fun.


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