Decrepit Burned house, Blacksburg Sc

A once beautiful home in rural Blacksburg South Carolina burned terribly, Now the abandoned home is plagued with an angry spirit. Known to slap people in the face and move objects right in front of their eyes.
Imagine what a haunted house should look like; old, decrepit, chaotic and dark. This place has all of those features and more. The home was burned severely and the house never restored. The place was left to rot, and saying that it has rotted is putting it mildly. The entire plot of land is un-kept, giving way to druggies to come in and desecrate what was once the home of a presumably happy family. The walls are covered with black, the doors are charred and the floor is littered with waste. In the dark this place is horrifying. The loose boards and windows are the perfect set up for the wind to rattle them, creating auditory matrixing. The disturbing items scattered throughout the home would make you wonder. The cricks and sounds of the old home make your heart race; your mind starts playing tricks on you and FEAR starts to rule your every move.

burn house

burn house2

burn house 1
Aside from auditory matrixing; the hanging remains of the homes structure would put the fear of God in you, if saw out of the corner of your eye in the night. The remains hang just right, almost as if they are begging the wind to give them a chilling push. This place is a perfect set-up for paranoia to reign over ones mind. That is our conclusion. This home looks so scary that even the bravest man would look over his shoulder inside. It would be so easy to misinterpret an animal, or the decrepit structure as something paranormal. Our data revealed nothing in picture, video or audio. there were no unusual EMF readings here, or any unexplained incidents that happened to the team. The people who have had experiences here have probably experienced nothing more than the ever so strong, mind boggling pull of “fear”


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