White wolf hollow

via Shadowlands.com According to local legend: ” White Wolf Hollow is a popular hangout for local teenagers and coon hunters. There are reports of seeing floating lights that look like flashlight. Also people have talked about seeing a huge cat-like critter that has eyes that shine red instead of the normal fluorescent green shine. A lot of the coon hunters have repeatedly ran over “white monkeys” that cross the road in front of their trucks. When they go back to look for them, there is nothing there. White Wolf Hollow is next to Kings mountain State and National Parks. There are graveyards all in the woods around the parks. White Wolf Road – Near Kings Mt. St. Park – “White Wolf Hollow”- Two things have happened there. The first is a Klan killing of a black man and his white wife. People have seen the girl in her white dress there. The second is the mysterious torching of a man’s truck back in the 60’s. The man was shot execution stile near the truck. The truck’s headlights have been seen as it has driven the road.”
This write up will be short and to the point. The SCSI went up and down this road, no white monkeys. We rode all around the area holding recording sessions, revealing nothing. The scariest thing about this place was the unusual pair of white undies hanging in a tree. This place did not feel unusual or anything. Just a nice country road near a historic battleground. There are several old cemeteries spread throughout the woods. Where there are old cemeteries, there are usually ghost stories, though this one takes the cake in oddness. No white monkeys, no ghost. Nothing more than an urban legend.
case status: closed
Case conclusion: not haunted


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  1. Well, I have actually had some very interesting experiences in White Wolf Hollow. It has been about a 50/50 chance of anything happening, 4 trips, with 2 being interesting to say the least! Also to be noted is the fact that “whatever” exists there has been there for years. The only reason I went was because of the stories that my Grandfather, father, and uncles told us kids of times and experiences they had at my Great Grandfathers house there. Took some effort to pinpoint the exact location but when I did pinpoint it, I was not disappointed, Nor was my wife that thought I was crazy but she became a believer! 🙂

    Location is key! Coming in from, as I remember, the south (maybe east southeast, been about 30 years) the road forks, if you take the left fork and go to the creek, you will find nothing, however, if you take the right fork and go down to the creek you have, based on my experience, a 50/50 chance of having an interesting experience! I think that “whatever” it is is centered around that bridge and the little logging/farm road that leads to the field on the south side. When I was a kid listening to my Grandfather tell those stories I would always ask, “Granddad was it a ghost” and he would always say, he didn’t know and never say it was a ghost, but “something”! Then I went, and I can’t say that it is a Ghost, or define exactly what it was/is, but “Whatever” is certainly “Something” that can’t be defined or explained!!! Oh, and in case your wondering, I’m a retired United States Army Special Forces soldier (Green Beret), sooooo…..I have been a few places and seen a few things! 🙂

  2. Never heard about any white monkies. Have heard about the lights, the lady in a dress and about a banshee that roams the woods there. Have been to the toad several times with friends and have seen the lights in the woods and other unexplainable things.

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