• Floating orbs
  • disembodied voices (singing, laughter)
  • battery troubles
  • shadows
  • temperature abnormalities
  • dancing lights
  • screams

These are just a few of the reported paranormal incidents at the Oakwood “hell’s gate” cemetery in Spartanburg, SC. What i find more interesting is the fact that irresponsible people go there to mess with others. Local new stations have reported several incidents of teenage pranksters engaging in immature activities, in attempt to scare people. Some hide in the woods wearing all black, flashing lights. Some people have been reported to throw rocks.

Krystal Hannon says, “We’ve ran into a few groups. And all the information on the internet says it’s subject to vandalism. So it could be teenagers, it could be ritualistic societies down here.”

“I was out with my friends and I basically came out and there were people here in hoods – very dark and shady people – quite aggressive,” says Matt Lovinggood.

If that wasn’t bad enough, check out this excerpt from WYFF news:

WYFF — “Police are searching for the vandals who opened a grave at a Spartanburg, South Carolina cemetery and stole a skull. Police believe someone opened the grave at Oakwood Cemetery and took the skull on Monday.The grave site was still in disarray on Wednesday.The headstone and cinder blocks were strewn around the area.The casket was partially exposed, and it was apparent that someone deliberately chipped away the cement seal over it.The lid of the casket was also askew.”

Our Investigation:

It was dark, freezing cold, and extremely disturbing. The team was thrilled to be investigating such a notoriously blatantly haunted location. All of the stories, the rituals, reported demonic entities that plague the cemetery make for one hell of an investigation right? Nope. Actually, the lack of evidence was startling. Almost all of the noises can be attributed to pranksters; the lights, and the general disturbances.

The whole team did experience something. We exited the vehicle and CLOSED all of the doors to the car. After a while of investigating we noticed a black mass to the right of the vehicle, as we got closer we noticed the right passenger door was opened. Our first instinct was a vandal, so we checked to see if our investigation equipment had been stolen but nothing was missing. This was the only thing we experienced out of the ordinary. Though this was creepy, this was shocking and disturbing, it is not evidence.

There were no evp’s, no unexplained lights, no laughter or no singing. We did however feel extremely disturbed… but that is not evidence. This place is creepy, no it’s downright scary. I would not blame anyone for claiming they experienced something here, the surrounding woods generate a lot of noise. Car lights on nearby roads could stream through creating a light phenomenon. Local pranksters could say or throw something, freaking you out. It just has that kind of vibe. Downright terrifying, yes. Haunted? I don’t think so.

case status: closed

case conclusion: not haunted

4 thoughts on “HELL’S GATE INVESTIGATION Spartanburg, SC

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  1. you may want to re-evaluate this cemetery, you can’t just dismiss it after going there for only one night. I am not any kind of ghost hunter type person, one of my friends just thought it would make for a fun night to do something different so we looked up haunted places and hells gates looked interesting, so we decided to give it a try. turned out we were lucky, or unlucky enough to actually experience something my first and only night that i have been there when i visited about 3 years ago. while i was there my friends and I all experienced things that couldn’t be explained and will still bother me to this day. in one section of the cemetery, i noticed i was having trouble catching a breath and i thought it was just going to last a moment, but it lasted for about 2 minutes… i could hardly breathe. now i am not asthmatic and i definitely wasn’t having a panic attack because i know what that feels like and this was different- i wasn’t that extremely scared, i just felt like i was being choked and some of my other friends felt it as well. I also saw a decent size swirling cloud of smoke appear that was very thick like hookah smoke, it was about 3 ft long and it twirled in the air very daintily.. soon after i saw it about 2 or 3 more of these clouds popped up around it out of nowhere. one went towards my friend and as it touched her it disappeared, as if going into her. after this happened we all ran into the car and took off to get the hell out of there, and as we were leaving we all heard an extremely off-putting screeching noise that sounded…well, like VERY large squeaky gates closing, but it lasted for minutes. however it is possible that it was a train and we were just scared shitless at the time after the other events happened, but it still didn’t sound like any train ive heard before. while we were driving back we all were talking about the white smoke contemplating what it could have been, and i noticed my friend (the one who the smoke went into) was getting very defensive about the whole matter and was denying that anything ever even happened.. so i decided to just drop the subject and for a while i didnt talk to her about it. after about 3 months i brought it up again and she told me she was haunted everywhere she went for about a month after we left the cemetery… hearing sounds, doors closing… and other things as well that i didnt even want to ask about. So PLEASE, hear me out and give this place a more thorough investigation. I believe without a doubt this place is in fact haunted and my friends would say the same, it is truly terrifying.

  2. I have lived in Spartanburg my entire life. My first visit to Hell’s gate, was about 23 years ago, when I was only 9. My older sister was going out with a new guy, and was nervous about going alone, so of course, I had to be the tag along. It couldn’t have been considered a date. All we did was aimlessly ride around. But that ride, ended up at the gates of a cemetery. I’ve had a connection to the paranormal for as long as I can remember. I am different. Things that I see, or feel, are not generally experienced by others. I felt like an outcast. Feeling that my gift, was more of a curse. It wasn’t until I was around 14, that I started embracing my gift. Anyways, that night still stands out for me, and my sister. When we first pulled up, I wasn’t paying attention. But it wasn’t what I seen that first disturbed me. It was what I felt. Before I even looked out the window, I felt a surge of cold, restless energy go through my chest. It took my breath. Then I looked out. I immediately told my sister that we shouldn’t be here. We needed to go….now. of course, she didn’t listen. I reluctantly got out of the car. It was very dark, and way to quiet. We slowly walked our way through the tombstone with unrecognizable writing. Crumbling stones everywhere. A few had been knocked over by vandals. They were walking about 50 feet ahead, paying me no mind. I suddenly felt an energy, which felt like another person was inches away, right on my heels. But I knew better. Of course, I couldn’t see anything. But I could feel and hear the humming of an energy behind me. Kinda like the sound you hear when you are nearby a transformer. I felt dizzy, and nauseous from it. Then I looked up, and there were 3 bluish orbs Right in front of my sister. And she didn’t see them, and they were not moving. When she walked into them, she flipped her wig! Lost her dang mind. She was swinging, and slapping, and wiping her face and hair in a panic. Screaming ” oh God! Get them off of me. Please!!!!” Her date just stood there, white as a ghost, in shock. I ran up, an threw my arms around her, to restrain her, and took her to the ground. She was screaming and crying. Finally I got her back to reality. She was sweaty, and shaking all over. I screamed at that guy, in all the 9 year old threatening tone I could muster, and told him to go get the car started. I walked her to the car, put her in, and we left. It took her a few days to get her bearings back. When I finally asked her what the hell happened, she said that when she turned her head, this scary, grey looking woman was standing inches from her face, and that it looked like she spit this spider web like stuff on her. Which explains all the slapping and wiping. She said that it felt like all the oxygen was pulled out of her lungs. Like she was suffocating. I know what you are thinking. ” Yeah right”. I have no reason to lie. I don’t know what attacked my sister that night. I haven’t been back there. But as the years went by, I experienced more and more. And I’ve been a paranormal investigator for about 10 years now, and I’m planning an investigation at this cemetery. That night still haunts me. if my sis knew what I was planning, she would have Sptbg Co. Cops waiting on me when I pulled up. LoL. what I’m saying is this. Just because you can’t see it, or hear it, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. The paranormal, spirits, eat….it is real. And it is not a joke. Take caution if you are going to investigate these things for yourself. Respect the dead, and their final resting place. Or you may experience more than you bargained for.

  3. Through my own research…. I can say yeah, Oakwood is not haunted, I’m not sure about what others may experince. I can’t tell you if truth or lie, but overall, I have managed to determine the location of what could the the Witch’s Tunnel. Its not what you would expect at all, most people probably think its like this creepy looking 1800s tunnel made up of jagged rocks and oddly placed stone. But no, its a normal modern day tunnel, or atleast the one we found that made the most logical sense that is remotely near by that people could easyily hide out in. The location is perfect, it has brush from all sides, a creek that flows through it so throw anyone off from going to it, and if you need to be really loud, just wait for a train to pass by. We found the VERY large tunnel under the railway that is just right behind Oakwood. But I do believe it is the Witchs’ Tunnel. Its odd enough that there was a small trail that lead down the bank to it, but it looks like no one has been there in a long time. Most of the brush being dead and unmoved, probably due to most people giving up that lifestyle. But me and my friends have been there quite a few times, stayed there for a good few hours, checked over one end to the other. If something is there, we didn’t find it. We were surpised that security didn’t show up since we came in two cars. Theres not much more to Hells Gate honestly. Is the potters field creepy? Yes. Did I feel anything while I was there? Nah, but I also don’t wig out easily, because if there is anything paranormal out there, Im sure Im disconnected from it.

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