Booger Jim bridge Blacksburg SC

A place of legend; the notorious Booger Jim bridge , A certified folklore goldmine.

According to local legend and

“Booger Jim lives under the bridge. He died on the bridge in 1979 when he was hung over the side of the bridge with jumper cables by his crazy wife Becca at around 9:00 P.M. If you call his name 3 times, he will answer, but you can’t make it out because his throat was crushed from the hanging! Some people have even reported seeing him with a large burn on his throat from the cables.”
There are several differing stories, all with the same conclusion. Booger Jim haunts the bridge in Cherokee falls. Everyone from this area has heard the story and many locals claim to have seen him. Some claim to have video and photographic evidence. I would love to see it. Being from this area I have heard these stories my whole life, so investigating this bridge was a thrill. Many good people from this area believe this story wholeheartedly, so the SCSI wanted to gather data and publish results on this location as fast as possible.
We saw shadows and heard growls, We felt an eerie aura emanating from this area and we witnessed movement in the shadows. Instead of being scared and stopping we investigated further. We pushed on despite the disturbing sounds and figures in the woods. We noted several swift movements and images in the dark, intimidating forest. The steep terrain opens the possibility for immediate danger. You’re completely on point at this bridge. There’s a deep sense of surrounding terror, an encompassing fear that chills you right down to the bone. This place is scary, there is no doubt about that. In fact it feels so intense that you can’t help but wonder when it will be over. Here’s the real scoop though, is it haunted?
First, let’s examine the location. Cherokee falls; the secluded outskirts of Blacksburg. Heavily wooded, dark, and filled with nature’s critters. Cherokee Falls is a neighborhood in the town of Blacksburg in Cherokee County, South Carolina. A former mill community along the Broad River, Cherokee Falls was a town until dis-incorporation and merger into Blacksburg in the 1990’s. A desolate place in the middle of nowhere. I thought for sure we would get some good data.
We wrapped up the investigation and headed out, excited to examine our data. Did we collected super hard paranormal evidence? No. In fact, we did not gather a single piece of data that could be attributed to the paranormal. Many times false imagery is caused by matrixing, you see something in the shadows yet it’s not there. This area is the perfect location for misinterpretation. The surrounding wilderness opens the door for animals to be easily hid and their movements be attributed to something paranormal. I believe that this is a special place and I urge you to investigate it for yourself; But does the SCSI believe it’s haunted? Not one bit.
case status: closed
case conclusion: not haunted

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  1. This story is wrong. I am sorry to have to tell you this but my mama grew up in Cherokee Falls and she will be the first to tell you booger Jim has been under that bridge way longer than 1979. It’s more like the 1800s or 1900s. My Mama’s grandma was telling her stories about booger Jim when my mama was growing up which was around 1974. Way before 1979. The story was about my great grandma’s uncle who used to cross the bridge with his sister when they were kids after they finished work at the mill. He was a horrible child who tormented his sister and other kids. So one day his mama told him if he didn’t behave that booger Jim would get him. Of course he didn’t believe her and kept up the horrible behavior. One day after they left the mill they crossed the bridge there was a black figure on the other side of it. They were terrified and tried to go around the dark figure but it wouldn’t let them pass. It moved where they moved and went where they went. Then my great grandma’s uncle threw his lunch pal at the figure to try to scare it away but it went straight through it. Without a second thought they turned around and ran back to the mill and spelt there all night. Needless to say my grandma’s uncle stopped his bad ways because he learned that booger Jim was real. And that’s the real booger jim story. I am not sure why people tell this other story that is written here. I never even heard about it until I was much older. My grandparents lived in Cherokee Falls and my sister and I spent a lot of time at there house. I can tell you right now for a fact that Cherokee Falls is haunted. The experiences my family and I have had in Cherokee Falls is enough proof for me.

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