Blast battle ground Gaffney, SC

The historic blast battleground, Gaffney SC.
according to
“During Clear nights, at about midnight, you can hear gunshots and cannons going off. When you look outside, you here it, but you can`t see it. Go Back in and wait a few minutes, then go out. You will see people fighting and drawing swords, shooting with cannons and guns. If you talk, move sudden, or run, there will be creatures running after you, they look human, but they have bloody teeth, cuts on their throat, crawl fast, and say in lowly, old voice, “I lost, But I`ll Get You For It!!” Many people have reported this sighting and some have been severely injured. They act as if they are protecting something, or someone, form you. The people are unknown, but…..the war is somehow, familiar. The place is located down the road beside Crestveiw Church, on hwy 11, and take a right, there will be graveyard, that is where they are. Be warned, Never stop your car or walk by there at night, There might be severe consequences.”

The area has long been shrouded in mystery and legend, history and distinction. Is it a cool place? sure it is. do we think it’s haunted? no.

The cemetery is small and there are no markers indicating that there was a battleground there. Recording sessions proved redundant; photographs revealed nothing.



The lack of evidence was too much for our investigatory minds to handle, we just had to go back. On this trip we did happen to catch a very interesting grade A evp saying “commence.” Upon analysis we were able to determine without a doubt that it was neither one of us. The word is so clear that it almost sounds digitized, but all we had with us was a recorder. This piece of data is shocking. Without a doubt it was something not seen. Does that mean the battle ground is haunted? no, we have investigated this place many times. Could a spirit have been there that night? without a doubt. listen to the voice and let us know what you think.

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    1. the same thing happened with me and no one that lived in Gaffney that i asked had ever heard of it. i’m beginning to think it doesn’t exist. i even went down the dirt road behind the church and couldn’t find anything.

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