Children’s cemetery paranormal investigation, Greenville SC



First, let’s examine some of the history of this location:”

This location is “Known as the Children’s Graveyard or more formally as the Duncan Chapel Methodist Church cemetery.”

“Duncan Chapel Methodist Church was built sometime back in the 1850s on land owned by P. E. Duncan and later sold by Duncan to the church. The first Duncan Chapel School was built on a quarter acre in the late 1870s on land sold by the church. The church ceased to function sometime in the 1920s and was sold off in 1939 according to the deed selling off the church land. A second, larger Duncan Chapel School was built a small distance away in the 1910s and so the first school was abandoned. No ruins of the church or the school exist anymore. The church cemetery is still around, although it is not exactly in anything resembling good condition.” information provided by, “outdoors in the upstate”, here’s their blog :

Tombstones range from the late 1700’s to late 1800’s. Some may be older than that, cause you can’t read what is on them. Reports say that you can see lights, hear running and laughter. Its a great little place to go and explore.” quote, (


the crew consisted of: (Maxwell Alexander, Aaron Sprouse, Sarah Freyta, and Hunter Kirby)

We set out to explore and investigate this known site, keeping in mind that all of the stories are not evidence. We only brought a digital voice recorder, EMF detector’s, and an experimental phone app (just to see what it’s about). The location is near a gas station and a busy road, so background noise was a bit of an issue. The site is in ruins. The reports that state some graves have been dug up and desecrated are true. There has been a complete lack of respect to the graveyard. We made sure that we were very careful and respectful of the grave plot’s. We started a recording session, asking several questions.We also took several photograph’s hoping to capture some interesting data. An overwhelming sadness came over us, probably because of the desecration of the graves. You get a strong sense of hopelessness, of lost children, forgotten children.

We recorded for quite some time, asking a series of questions in relation to the forgotten spirit’s pain. The sadness was overwhelming, but tolerable. The air was frigid and thick but not scary. The location was sad, yet energetic. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, and did not feel the slightest bit uneasy despite the sadness. We explored this historic location through and through, taking several several pictures along the way. After several EVP sessions we finally got the urge to leave when a truck full of locals kept circling the location, we collected a little more data and headed out to analyze our findings.

We did not capture anything in picture’s, however we did get some very interesting EVP’S. Some of our evp’s are understandable, some actually sound like children trying to form a sentence. The data does seem to indicate paranormal activity, and i will provide the evp’s for you guys to preview it for yourselves.

Make of it what you will. Investigate for yourself, but please be respectful of the grave’s

case status: closed

Case conclusion: Spiritually active


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  1. I have investigated this location, many times before its conversion into a Walmart grocery store. I too have gotten several EVP’s, some sounding like church music, some sounding like a choir singing, hymns of bygone days. EMF detector hits twice, varying temp fluctuations. I hate this place was desecrated for modern convenience.

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