Residential investigation, little hope road

The SCSI was asked to perform an investigation at a Blacksburg home on February 7th 2014. The house is located on little hope road behind Kelly’s Steakhouse right off of HWY 29. Surrounded by woods, the small brick home does have a dark feeling. The surrounding trees generate an automatically eerie feeling that leaves one wondering.  The home was previously owned by a schizophrenic (believed to be possessed) elderly woman who spray painted her windows so she could no longer see ghost and demonic entities. This story is verified, the current resident inherited the house from the woman and has since wondered whether she was insane or there was more to the story. The SCSI set up shop with standard EMF detectors, and two digital recorders. We asked several generic investigatory questions and received no audible responses. When prompting a spirit to make a noise, we received no response. The house did have an unusually high EMF baseline for a place so secluded and technologically limited. This investigation lasted quite a while and did not feel eerie or dark like we did at first glance of the location. We felt at ease, light and cheerful. When we set out to review the data we were surprised to find twenty one unexplained sounds, but upon further review were able to determine that they were mostly sounds made by the crew or resident. Actually, there was not a single EVP or sound that suggested that the place was haunted.

The Evidence that this place is not haunted is overwhelming. We are still lightly reviewing the data and running the sounds through pro voice software but so far we conclude that this place is not haunted and have closed the case.

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