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Pinckneyville is an old historic ghost town located near Union County South Carolina. Established in 1791 the Town is in ruins with only a few relics left of it’s existence. Apparitions, voices, phantom vehicles, whispers,growls,screams,angry crazy backwoods locals… why not go, right? You may want to reconsider, seeing how it’s on private property and people don’t take too kindly to trespassers. The SCSI was not deterred, we set out on our journey leaving Gaffney in hopes to collect amazing data from this famous historical haunted location. The old windy country dirt road is blocked off with an intimidating gate, no trespassing signs are posted everywhere. We would not be stopped and proceeded to enter the gate and embark on a journey up the long road. Wooded area lines the road on both sides, giving way for tons of mysterious sounds of the wilderness. Our fear wasn’t spirits, but rather the locals. There are a few houses down the road and we proceed with extreme caution. After a long grueling walk we entered the historic site of Pinckneyville. We took group photos at the old courthouse marker, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. We started an EVP session at what is known as the famous hanging tree, capturing nothing conclusive. We proceeded to another tree that is surrounded by an old wire gate that is said to house the grave of a Pinckneyville resident. Our recording session there also revealed no evidence of haunting. We searched for the famous Pinckneyville Cemetery but had no luck due to time restriction and buzzing sounds of the locals and trampling through the woods. We conducted research and took multiple photos at ruins all around the location, still finding no evidence of paranormal activity in the area. Despite the area’s dark feeling and the feeling of spiritual presence, in my professional opinion we did not have enough time to conclude whether the place was haunted or not. Case still open,20140202_180052 current case status inconclusive.

From left to right. Michael Guyton (investigator), Maxwell Alexander (Lead Investigator), Aaron Sprouse (Demonologist). Photo taken by Sarah Freyta (Investigator).
From left to right. Michael Guyton (investigator), Maxwell Alexander (Lead Investigator), Aaron Sprouse (Demonologist). Photo taken by Sarah Freyta (Investigator).

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  1. There is a whole lot more than that and the grave yard is in the woods on the right hand side as u enter coming down the old paved road… the hanging tree was cut down many yrs ago…. there is a single grave beside a tree close to old grave yard. …. go at night to do ur investigation….. I am sure u will hear and see some crazy ass shit…. ive been down there and on both sides of the road after midnight , were men dressed in suites carrying brief cases…atleast 50 people…talkin bout scaring the shit out of somebody….

      1. I no that this is and old post , I wrote on one about billy goat bridge today too , This is another place my Dad and I went a lot when I was a boy , the hanging tree was a pecan tree and they were strawberry’s to the right in the edge of the wood’s where the graveyard was , in the late 60’s and 70’s they were a house before you get down there on the right side of the road and then they were one on the left , the one on the right look like the people just walked out and left everything as it was , the one on the left was fallen apart , these home’s were old but not old as the town , They were one old mud brick building in the middle of the circle , we found a cow with out a head under that building in a lot of water one day and my Dad and I left , then latter when I started working some people were wanting to know how to get there so I took them one night after work , we were going down the road and these people were walking with lantern’s ,we stopped to see if something was wrong and this guy looked at us with his white face looked like he needed some blood and muttered something so we went on , the guy’s with me said let’s get the hell out of here , so we went on down and a truck come in behind us and flashed his lights , we pulled over and he told us that we were on posted land to turn around and get out of there , I told him to kiss my ass the land was posted not the road I was on , then he said you don’t understand you in danger it’s been leased out to hunters but them people you seen on side of the road are already dead and want like you being here come back during the day , we left that night and I did go back in the day along time after that , the only thing I seen before a lady came out of the woods and said she owned every thing around but the monument that replaced the old one in the middle of the circle , They are a gate but the lady opens it every day , it is a nursery of some kind down a dirt path , The road was paved just very old , I’m going to go back next time I go back to Gaffney just to see what’s going on , anyone want to ride ? let me know…..

    1. 😂 my grandfather owns along with many other family members thousands of acres nearby and in the way the land was inherited by the man that built house I now live in. I can remember setting up as a young teen to scare people with our ghostly selves. We would have cats flying out of that road!

  2. I have been to Pinckneyville 3 times, we have gotten strange photos, we always go at odd times of the year and walk the entire way down. There is a family that lives on that road that locks the gate though it is listed on maps as a STATE road. NOT a driveway, found that out when we got locked in there once. We have photos of phantom horses and riders and other crazy things, EVP wise, I got a woman weeping saying, ‘No, don’t he’s innocent” , near the hanging tree. Only one man was hung in P’ville and it was due to horse theft and he WAS later found out to in fact be innocent. I look forward to my next visit.

    1. It could be listed on maps as a state rd but then again so is my driveway, I’ve attempted to correct it but they never fix it 🤷‍♀️ The land is privately owned you can view that on the county website. I’ve researched the deed as far back as the Union county courthouse has records which was 1914 I think. No I did find an older book in the back of a shelf once it was in the 1800’s. Most of us that grew up in that area or have family that owns the land nearby have set out props and recordings video cameras even dressed up to scare people. If you’ve really been there then you can see we had very little else to do and we always Harv visitors on Friday the 13th, Halloween and prom nights. I miss those days

    1. Might be interested in doing so when we start back up here during the summer. Getting everything in the works now for a bit return. If you are really an editor and are looking for some type of monetary compensation could you email your portfolio to for consideration of hire.

  3. My Friends and myself always went there back in the 80’s, actually went one night in the summer of 1986 and a Satin Ritual was going on we were seen and chased all the way back to the main road, nothing more scary than being chased in the middle of night through woods by people wanting your blood, we back many times after that, when we went there there was a house and a couple of buildings, we took pictures, I remember one of myself standing in a door way and there was some kind of light or orb around me, I don’t remember seeing it the time of the picture, but it was there when my friend developed them, that place has always caught my attention, thought I’d share, please post if you can ever go back and get updated pictures

  4. I’m from union my dad has told me stories of them being chased out and he has also seen the rituals when they were hunting one day so me and my friends went and gave it a shot we went around 12:30am we got out started walking we immediately heard a growl and heard rambling in the woods as if ppl were walking but seen nothing when we shined a light we kept walking but then we all got a nervous crazy vibe as if something wanted us out.. As we stopped to listen for anything we seen a light flash as if somebody took our picture we immediately ran to our car and got out of there. I would love to go back please let me know if any of yall go investigate

  5. I’m from union. What’s quite crazy nobody here talks of this place its as if they want to forget about it you will find a few ppl that speak of experiences well my father has a experience and told me about driving after hunting one night and them coming up to a ritual and being told to leave well me and 2 friends went we parked outside of the gate and walked we got out put on our jackets and as soon as we went to the path we heard a weird growl and what sounded like ppl walking in the woods but wld shine a light and see nothing but we kept on walking and then saw a flash over and over like somebody had a camera walking towards us we took off running to the car and left I was left with nothing to explain it and really wanna go back but its hard because the gate stays locked now and I don’t wanna park and then the owner come and flip out but if yall go back tell us I wld love to come

  6. I have been there many times and hung out for hours at a time. Almost everytime something unexplainable happened that I will never forget. There is definitely something there, not sure what, but something for sure.

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