Ghost admitting their existence! Provoking investigators! answering several



  DAY 1.   February 2, 2014 The SCSI (South Carolina supernatural investigations) conducted an investigation on Billy goat Bridge Road in Gaffney, South Carolina. The first trip to this location resulted in some of the most startling GRADE A EVP’S that I have ever heard. Maxwell Alexander, along with Sarah Freyta and Michael Guyton (both former investigators) held a recording session here for day one. I had never seen them so excited. It was as if the guys had stumbled directly onto a gold mine; they did!

  I knew this was the real deal. I COULDN’T HAVE BEEN MORE READY.  I LISTENED TO THE STUNNING EVP from the night before, over and over again.

^Just as they said, a clear male voice asking “why is my face burned?”.^


       DAY 2.   Maxwell, Mikey and I were set to take on the investigation of a lifetime. Oh the dark, eerie, feeling of being watched. heightened senses; extreme paranoia; visual and auditory matrxcing. This location packs it all in the first punch. Sarah was not able to come on investigation number two. Which is really interesting considering what we found next. An even clearer EVP STATING: “this F****** burning” in a female voice. (yes i am serious)

DAY 3-5.

We captured two evp’s saying Mikey (one of our team members) BUT THAT WAS NOTHING. WE HAVE CAPTURED ANOTHER GRADE A EVP, SAYING “I EXIST”

              A few of these EVP‘s were captured while in the vehicle, others on the bridge. On the bridge we had EXTREMELY high EMF readings, and an extremely dark feeling. The entire place has an ominous vibe. It is  dark, it is cold and it’s downright frightening. We ALL sensed a presence and in direct response to asking for a manifestation Manifest we had knocking on the bridge. Constant rumbling under the bridge and direct responses to questions asked. Out of several recording sessions we captured qute a few EVP’s that I would conclude to be spirits.

          As a group of logical thinkers we attribute the rest to natural sounds and recording disturbances that happen as a group of people walk around. As an investigatory protocol We note every sound that the crew makes, eliminating the possibility of these evp’s being us. I, Aaron Sprouse would professionally conclude that this place is indeed haunted.  Not just by one spirit, but two. One spirit being a male who was not aggressive and the second spirit being a female which I deemed to be malevolent.

By: Aaron Sprouse



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  1. We went to the bridge tonight. While sitting in the car someone locked the door and I guess by the mechanical engineering of the car it unlocked itself and it freaked the girls out in the car…. Anyways as soon as they started screaming the back of the car kind of lifted up in the rear and the the window was also down on drivers side. I was in another vehicle beside the driver. He described a pain in his face. Such as being punched( there was a distinct red mark on his jawline) another girl in the back seats chest was red as if being hit by an air bag or something. Was there any kind of wreck on this bridge? To me it was as if we were in a reinactment of a car crash if that makes any sense.

    1. That’s awesome buddy. That was similar to the story we had been told about that location. We haven’t done anything in a long time but would love to find some people to start shipping back onto the water with.

  2. I had been going to the bridge with my Dad for years as a boy and not ever heard of anything like this , then one day my brother in law and me were leaving from down there and a water hose busted and we went to a house along the side the road and a old rough looking man told us he had a hose and he would give to us but don’t go back to the bridge it was not safe , my Dad and I went down a week are two later and I was going to show him the home place, we pulled up in the drive and all was there is a chimney and a run down old barn , My Dad said that we had went to another house somewhere that one was torn down when he was a boy , But I knowed that was the same place because of the barn and all the buttercups that were every where , Years later a friend and me went down and the bridge was blocked , we looked the bridge over and moved the things and drove over the bridge and the boards were falling as we went across we turned around and did it again, my guess is we was the last one’s that went across it because we liked to not made it the tires were spinning between the boards and throwing them in the air , we stopped beside a pond that was just a few feet from the creek and seen a man in a jon boat in the fog fishing I ask him how the hell did you get that boat over all them briars , you could see the pond but could not even walk to the edge to fish any where around it , Okay he didn’t speak to us , You would had to be there to understand with a bleak of the eye this man was gone , The next day I went back with Jimmy’s Dad we thought we could get to that pond where that man put in his boat , they were no way to get to the pond and they wasn’t any of the pond that you could have fished any way it was covered with lillys and downed trees , Jimmy’s dad Tommy said they were no way we seen anyone on that pond , But we know we did , Hope You Read This It Is A True Story…….gary owensby

    1. They aren’t. The ones that sound different have been digitally cleaned up. And the ones that sound clear as day shocked me as much as they apparently did for you. I promise to the best of our knowledge no evidence posted is called of contaminated by others around us. We try to investigate on a professional manner and as a skeptic myself I do not look to create evidence for something I already do not believe in. -Maxwell Alexander (founder)

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  4. Me and two other friends visited the bridge last night at about 3:30 am, which as most know, is witching hour. I actually live about 15 minutes from the bridge in Pacolet, so we decided to drive down there. My friends was telling me that this was one of the areas that the “Gaffney Strangler” dumped more than half of his bodies. He also told me it was one of the most haunted places in South Carolina. We went and stopped on the bridge. I got out of the car and looked over the edge. I had no reason for doing this, I just wanted to investigate a little. Then, I got back in the car and my friend rolled the drivers window down. He then asked, “If anyone is there, show proof that you are here.” Then we heard a loud whisper that was coming from the outside of the windows towards the concrete railing of the bridge. My friends freaked out and we floored it and left. We turned around later and came back and this time I recorded it with my iPhone. I plan to convert the video to an audio format and edit it to find any voices in the tape. I doubt it will do any good though, as it is recorded with a cell phone. We also heard about 3 or 4 taps come from beneath our truck when we stopped on the bridge. I would advise that if you are going to go, don’t go alone, and make sure to log the visit with a video camera.

      1. This entire road is paved and has been for over 30 years. I live in this area and have friends who live a short distance from the Bridge. You should all find something more useful to do with your time and resources. These bogus stories only create unfounded interest, and unwanted late night traffic and noise for an otherwise peaceful community. You should also know that it is illegal to park on a bridge. Find something better to do.

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  6. I just went to the bridge a few hours ago with two friends of mine, upon getting out, and walking across it, one of my friends and I instantly started hearing whispering coming from the far end of the bridge nearest the woods, the other friend hadnt heard it, we decided to go get back in the car, we unlocked the car, only for it to lock its self right back (this has never happend) It took us two tries to get it to unlock, once we did, we sat in the car for a sec, waiting to hear anything else, since my one friend hadnt heard anything wanted to see if she could hear somthing, a few seconds later, she started the car, quickly rolled up the window, and sped off, I asked her what happend and she said she heard growling, and it didnt sound like an animal, this place is creepy.

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