Mary Bailey House, Greenville, SC

It was a cool summer night in late August. I joined SCSI investigators Craig and Brittany Whyde, and Mike and Lauren Feria at the house in a residential neighborhood around 9pm. We immediately began setting up our night vision DVR’s and acquired a baseline emf reading in the different parts of the house. You could tell […]

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Do Aliens Exist?

Aliens, UFO’s, Extraterrestrial beings, these are just a few of the terms that have been given to describe other worldly beings. This next article will be the first of its kind on this site. I strive for knowledge of the unknown in whatever form it may take. In the past we have solely focused our […]

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What are Ghosts?

What are ghosts? No other question in the paranormal field has sparked as much speculation and controversy as the question, what are ghosts. You could ask 10 different people that question and get just as many different answers. In this article we’ll discuss, ponder, and speculate the age old question; what are ghosts? Many believe […]

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The Time Has Come

Hi, Maxwell Alexander here. I want to start by saying sorry to any of the people who have been visiting the site and following our group. We have been busy with our day to day lives and have not had much free time to delve into the realm of the paranormal unknown. That being said, […]

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ghost stories

Just about everyone I know has a ghost story or they know someone who does. What is the most terrifying experience you have ever had with ghost? Have you encountered demons? Have you ever saw or spoke to some sort of entity? Please share your stories and thoughts below. I don’t only wish to hear […]

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